Do you think Serena Williams has anger management issues?

Lee 09/09/2018. 55 answers
Sports Tennis

55 Answers

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought! 09/10/2018.

She always has. She's a generational talent and is as good as anyone who has ever played professionally. She's also a terrible person (I've seen her berate people at the WTA event in Toronto, calling a female volunteer a "useless c**t" and telling her "I will ruin your life") who benefits from a fawning press and VERY good PR. Then again, her father belongs in the Hall of Fame of Bad Tennis Parents (which is saying something) so as they say, the apple don't fall far from the tree. Again, Hall of Fame talent, out of this world skill and fitness, but treats people like garbage (and if you don't go along, she will threaten and verbally abuse you). She's not the first, and unfortunately won't be the last.

java 09/12/2018.

No and I remember Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe being much worse than she has ever been and Ilie Nastase was much worse than either of them.

John 09/12/2018.

Not the right place to ask this question

Gerry G 09/11/2018.

She sure did this past weekend.

Sameem 09/11/2018.

Yes because of her steroid use.

dave 09/11/2018.

she is a spoiled little rich crybaby

Nick 09/10/2018.

Definitely and she tries to pull the woman card. Grow up.

J 09/10/2018.

it is a shame what happened at the us open

retired old sarge 09/10/2018.

YES right along with a steroid problem...

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Seems like she has no problem “managing” to get angry when the situation calls for it... like most of where’s the “issue”?

mustanger 09/09/2018.

No more so than John McEnroe and a lot of others. But did you ever see one of the men penalized a game point for their tirades? HeII no!

Dump the liberals into Jupiter 09/12/2018.

Serena Williams is a roid-raging crybaby.

xx 09/12/2018.

Many people do out of anger and frustration

robertc_tas 09/11/2018.

Definately . She's the goddess of anger management

Fiona 09/11/2018.

Not at all. She's an athlete, thats what athlete's do, they're competitive and are trained to stand up if they believe something is rigged or wrong

Solomon Parr 09/10/2018.

i dont think so

slide 09/10/2018.

If her display was a norm then she should begin getting some help.

mistista07 09/10/2018.

Its definitely something how people act like they dont see that she is discriminated against every year win or lose. Why is it that nobody addressed that Serena gets drug tested more than any other athlete? Why is it that many male tennis stars has admitted to saying a lot worse than "thief" and were never fined? Why is it that many of Serena's aces are called outs and faults? Act blind if yall want to but God knows the truth. And she still is the Greatest of All Time. Serena and Venus have been put through hell since the jump. The US 2018 Open was a sabotage before Serena even stepped on the court. I wonder who was paid off or who placed bets against her out there and made sure they won? I remember a game way back when they called out on Serena before she had even hit the ball. She had to say, "let me at least hit the ball first". But nobody remembers that but people I know. Interesting. Throw your BS trophy in the trash in front of America Serena. Dont play the US Open. You'll fair better else where like the Australian Open. Too much racism here. Yes she is angry and has every right to be and every chance she gets towards tying that 24th record, the worst people are getting. Thank you fans for booing a disgraceful game that was handed to the other player unfairly. Win or lose Serena respects all involved when it is done with respect and fairness. Whatever that is for Black people, in America. Serena and Venus deserves better. Angry today? Yes with every right to be. Anger Management Issues? No. She's is passionate and speaks up when she has a great reason to be.

DEBS 09/09/2018.

Not even close. Just like any competitive athlete, she got caught up in her emotions during an intense competition.

Bob 09/09/2018.

Yes I do think she does and she also seems to think that everyone is out to get her.

Anonymous 09/11/2018.

No but look at #45 abusive and very well public social media documented anger issues but no one calls him out on that. Not even his wife for being a cyberbully. Ms. Williams went to her chain of command by asking for the referee as well.

Fred 09/11/2018.

She is similar to Tennis star John McEnroe and America's Cup sailing champion Dennis Connor. They were all smiles while they were winning but as soon as it looked like they may lose they turned into bad sports people abusing and threatening umpires and threatening court action and trying to intimidate umpires and the opposition. They are just bad losers who think they should be allowed to win every time even if they are beaten.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

She is a Black racist. And a disgrace to American diversity for her openly racist hatred of the Japanese people.

joe 09/10/2018.

Sore loser?

Money, power fooked up her brain

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

No. But I think the people saying she does have an issue or two.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

yes, big time.

Quentin 09/09/2018.

You cannot be serious!

JG 09/12/2018.

No, but I'm tired of people playing and pulling race cards as far as she's concerned. I'm tired of hearing about people trying to treat her differently and unfairly just because she's Black.

Every Black American female does not have anger issues, and not every one has a drug problem.

BJJ 09/12/2018.

Absolutely, she may be a brilliant tennis player, but she is not a brilliant advocate for sportsmanship in a time when it is acceptable to throw a hissy fit over losing $1,000,000 on your $30,000,000 contract.

Jessica H 09/11/2018.

I can see her being upset after all she was already pro and well known when that young lady that won against her was born in 1997. That probably made her feel old. I hope she isn't considering retiring.

lorn 09/11/2018.

Yes. But so do many others including sports people

Kevin 09/10/2018.

Yes. But I also think it's because she's black. (I'm black btw)

Rise&Stiff 09/10/2018.

a spoilt brat...............

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

She's another whining snowflake. Perfect spokesperson for Nike.

Shootup 09/10/2018.

Who dat?

Cee 09/10/2018.

Does Elton John like fellas ?

bill h 09/09/2018.

I believe she has gender issues.

Nick 09/11/2018.

Bad manners. Bad Behavior. Typical fit thrown by a spoiled liberal who was supposed to win it all.

She got hammered. And looked clumsy while getting her giant *** kicked.

Joseph 09/11/2018.

She needs a good ol spanking.

saq428 09/10/2018.

Williams behaved like a bad loser then pretended to be a victim of societal injustice to justify her bratty performance. It was a pathetic and depressing spectacle.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Sore loser

JaguarsNFLfan#1 09/10/2018.

I can identify I also have anger issues and have had meltdowns in public, cursed at people, yelled obscenities. Its something that can be hard to overcome, even with anger management counseling, especially in my case where I have been bullied, hurt by people or lied to alot - and to top that off lost my mom to cancer, that can cause alot of inside anger to build up.

Kevin7 09/10/2018.

i say no

Lee 09/10/2018.

Fo sho

boy boy 09/10/2018.

if she thinks she is not getting a fair deal she has a right to get upset ...but when you get guy effing and blinding ..and nothing is done ..there are a lot of kids in audience as well as ball girls then she is right to say the game is sexist

Verulam 09/10/2018.

Yes. Pure and simple. I hope she gets the help she needs.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

I think she's a bedwench

Anonymous 09/11/2018.

No worse than John McEnroe, who pitched a fit every time he got near a court. Once they are on top, they get a big ego and think they are royalty. Same as most other celebs. Many get rewarded for bad behavior. The little peons on the bottom will never understand.

25 Or 6 To 4 09/11/2018.

No. An anger management problem would be if she'd tried to lob the officials head off with the racquet.

Mredha 09/11/2018.

Because Trump is very Islamophobic

King Man 09/11/2018.

Of course. She pulls the agreement that men have done far worse. But that doesn’t make her actions right. And those who have done ‘far worse’ usually catch themselves before they give up an entire game to the other player! Haha! As a side note, did you see the cartoon the Astraillian paper made? Hilarious.

That being said, I have no problem when people start getting angry or mad, but when they feel entitled or above the law, that’s when it’s annoying and they lose respect (not that she had mine in the first place)

Who 09/10/2018.

I would say its more an issue with her ego

JOE 09/10/2018.


Anonymous 09/09/2018.

I think she has nignogery problems

Egbert 09/09/2018.

Fairly obvious I would have thought. But she will only get a slap on the wrist as the tennis world needs big beefy blacks to win tournaments. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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