Have U ever or would U ever, eat insects?

Jeffrey 09/09/2018. 63 answers
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63 Answers

Ronald 7 09/11/2018.

Only the ones that have tried to eat me

Philip 09/11/2018.

If I went to an insect market, like one in Asia I would try some. I wanna try a cricket, or a beetle or something like that.

Mrs. Frankenstein 09/10/2018.

Apparently, I had quite the liking for them when I was a kid, but I don't remember any of it. I haven't had them since and I don't think I could stomach them now, to be honest.

Little Big Man 09/10/2018.

Yes and I only eat them for a snack.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Nope but I'd like a school bus

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Sigh, another clone.

If hungry enough, YOU will eat anything available.

Jack 09/10/2018.

You get a share of insects when you ride a bike. You also get plenty of insects eating bread. I've been on a combine. I know they don't get all the bugs out. Quit worrying about it. Food is food. When you get hungry enough you'll figure that out.

Hοwl Free Or Die 09/10/2018.

Only if I were starving.

rick29148 09/10/2018.

I have, but 'when in Rome ..................'.

john 09/11/2018.


ChooseYourOwnDocumentary 09/11/2018.

No chance

Ravbit 09/10/2018.

that's kind of, a stupid question to ask if you ask me. no why would anyone eat insects? doesn't make sense to me eating insects is dumb.

Sky 09/10/2018.

Not intentionally, no.

أليسا 09/10/2018.

I have, and would never eat insects.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.


Soy sauce

Fig etc.

Solomon Parr 09/10/2018.

no id never do that, its bad for you


No, not even if they were bugging me, I'd just tell them to buzz off.

Nami 09/10/2018.

Ew no.

Amy 09/11/2018.

I have and I would. Insects are delicious, especially crickets.

Artemisia 09/10/2018.

Cooked a daddy long leg in my rice before?

Dredalyn 09/10/2018.

Not interested, but if I have to I'm considering grub worms.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

No way man

dj 09/10/2018.

Possibly, if desperate

18 gibbs 20 09/10/2018.

Have not and will not

Maria 09/10/2018.

I once ate a mosquito by accident, I was running and was breathing through my mouth, it hit my mouth and I swallowed it....

Sprinkles 09/10/2018.

Nah I don’t eat insects nor do I want to

Bambietta Basterbine 09/10/2018.

Me eat insects? Noooooo.

Fireball 09/11/2018.

ick no

Nirvana Fan 09/11/2018.

No, and I'd only eat them if there was literally nothing else in the entire world.

Hi 09/10/2018.

Yes, it is tasty and crunchy if you fried it, but not the poisonous one.

In China it is a common snack food.

Koji 09/10/2018.


Weasel McWeasel 09/10/2018.

hell no. Not unless it was a do or die , survival situation, and even then..........probably not.

Outsider 09/10/2018.

Carmine or cochineal is a coloring listed as an ingredient in some food and drinks. It is made from insects. I don’t eat anything that contains it.

McSchmeezer 09/10/2018.

Ya ever ride a bike in the summer? You've eaten a bug or two.

Ye aver eat tomatoes or anything made from them? There is an FDA allowed amount of bug residue.

Nico Robin 09/10/2018.

Under no circumstances would I eat an insect, especially one that has recently dirtied itself.

vivienne 09/10/2018.

No i would not. I tried a chocolate protein bar from crickets ( i didnt know it was from crickets, they told afterwards)- i did not like it

Anonymous 09/11/2018.

No and no

jamie 09/10/2018.


Blue Sky 09/10/2018.

I would if I was starving to death and that was all there was to eat .

Jon 09/10/2018.

yes but i prefer bread

TexHabs 09/10/2018.

I had some burnt ants in Mexico once and they were actually quite tasty.

Much better than the worm which goes in a bottle of mezcal (not tequila).

The Political Jack Master 09/10/2018.

Does it look I will? Of course not.

Clark County NV. Cremations. 09/10/2018.

Yes, I have had:

Chocolate Covered Ants-I get them at GELSON"S Market in Encino, Calif.

Cave Dwelling Spider-I ate one our yearly expedition to Australia last year.

Kathy 09/10/2018.

No way

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

I don't know, I have to ask U about that, whoever U is

Hokaars 09/11/2018.

I would have to be starving and even then I hope my will to live is not that great.

mr romney 09/11/2018.

I have had some roasted meal-worms they had some cheese power on them. Like the power in mac and cheese. They didn't have much of a taste to them once you got past the cheese power. They were pretty crunchy.

Alesha 09/10/2018.

No way, the landlady's cat nails large grasshoppers in the summer, makes me ill to watch. her.

Beast 09/10/2018.

I ate a cricket once but it was encased in a Nestlé's rice chocolate bar. It didn't affect the taste, just made it extra crispy. I bought it at a pet store.

Guru Hank 09/10/2018.

Yes. Prawns are insects.

Middle Aged Guy 50 09/10/2018.

Not if i were starving and about to die!

conley39 09/10/2018.

Yes I have - crickets for one

Jota 09/10/2018.

Lots of ants in my food-.-

TERRY 09/10/2018.

Yes,grasshoppers taste crunchy and pretty good................

Sanji 09/10/2018.

If I was retarded then yes, I would.

Cassandra 09/10/2018.

I've never eaten them before but I would if it was those forest trips abroad or those countries where they sell them in their market. They actually might be nutritious.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

No, but I bet you swallow lots of c*m, f*ggot

Dreamdoll ツ 09/10/2018.

No and No

MELONS 09/10/2018.

yes food show: fried crickets: howzat...

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Fried ants are a delicacy

sarah 09/10/2018.

Not willingly, but I have eaten a few when they have flown into my mouth uninvited

💙ElliotTheCorgi💙 09/10/2018.


Lee 09/10/2018.

Ewww noooooooooooooo!