Am I an idiot?

wind_updoll 09/09/2018. 40 answers
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My girlfriend had to work late so she told me to bake the frozen apple pie from the freezer in the oven. I never really cooked before, much less pie, but I am an idiot and I took the pie out of the tin foil thing and put it in the oven. By the time I took it out the liquid was dripping out and the crust was burned....

40 Answers

wind_updoll 09/13/2018.

Not at all. You’ve hopefully learned to frequently check what you’re preparing, regardless of what the instructions (oven temp, bake time, heat level) say. Practice makes perfect. Give it another try.

John 09/19/2018.

Actually , we are not mind fresh all time. So you are not idiot. Thanks.

Joseph 09/17/2018.

Many lessons are learned through mistakes

Anonymous 09/15/2018.

No you're not an idiot

Papa 09/13/2018.

You should have read the directions on the box, but since it was your first time your gf should have given you a break.

Clive 09/13/2018.

Nah, you're just a troll who keeps asking the same thing over and over again.

curtisports2 09/13/2018.

If you can't take the few seconds to read the baking instructions that are on every package and then follow them, then yes, you come up a little short on the scale of intelligence.

Laurie 09/13/2018.

Did you follow the instructions? They almost always tell you to place the pie on a baking sheet.

Nikki P 09/13/2018.

This has been asked numerous times before.


1. if you are a are an idiot

2. If this question is real then are an idiot...If you looked at the direction to give you an oven temperature and did not see that you leave the pie in the pan. Even a first grader would know to leave the pie in the pan.

3. If you are in Kindergarten you should not be working the oven alone nor should you have a girlfriend.

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

No, you're a fat dumb stupid loser

surjit 09/17/2018.

Robert 09/17/2018.

No pies are hard

Erin 09/14/2018.

If you think so

MD 09/13/2018.

No man is fooled by himself, everyone thinks himself clever

Artemis 09/13/2018.


If you have never cooked before, then it is quite normal for this to happen. You should have followed the instructions on the box. However, do not be discouraged. Everyone makes mistakes. You can learn from them and prepare something better next time. Do not forget to frequently check your food when it is in the oven.

Good luck!

Solomon P 09/13/2018.

maybe you should tell her the truth and say you arent good at cooking, just buy food next time

WINDMILLS 09/13/2018.

Am I an IDIOT ... ? being able to TYPE the narrative and question . one demonstrates one has a command of the English language .....

. if one can Write one can READ based on the ASSUMPTION it was a COMMERCIAL made Pie that came in a BOX ..

they generally have INSTRUCTIONS .. since one can READ .. the instructions would have been present

. so its more likely one possibly BELIEVES others are GULLIBLE to accept the narrative to be a TRUE presentation

now if it is a actual description of ones ACTIONS

i have to question why one would present it to demonstrate ones diminished skills or impaired thinking .

... referencing the phrase a Good Lawyer NEVER ask a question he does not already know the answer to .( the exception is to get to a persons INTENT )

.. one has possibly SELF PRONOUNCE oneself to be DEFICIENT

CB 09/13/2018.

Learn to f-ing read - instructions are on the package and if not learn to use google to find the cooking instructions - lazy is NOT idiotic it is just plain lazy.

kswck2 09/13/2018.

You are an idiot. My brother in law can't cook either. he took a chicken, washed it out with soap and water and threw it into the oven-no pan, no seasonings, no nothing. Turned the oven to 500 degrees and spent the better part of an hour getting the smoke out of the house. And his wife got a freshly painted kitchen out of the deal.

A miracle the fire department didn't show up.

paul 09/13/2018.

yes you are for not reading the instructions on box . daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Gryphyn39 09/19/2018.

No you have never been taught to cook and your gf is an idiot for not knowing this by now. She should be ashamed for berating you like that in front of your son. What kind of example does that set when she does that in front of him. I would be angry at her. You didn't do anything majorly wrong but you can bet she did something wrong.

Blessed 09/18/2018.

yes...learn to read the directions

Outsider 09/17/2018.

Gf is a byitsch.

ebonyruffles 09/16/2018.

I once cooked a pizza with the cardboard tray still under it so don't feel bad.

kelly k 09/14/2018.

not at all

ProfGene.Togolot 09/13/2018.

There are many recipes and cooking tutorials and directions how how to cook on the internet so you were foolish to just wing it instead of doing some research. It is just like this venue many people ask questions that they could easily look up on Google. You certainly need to start thinking before you act.

Allan 09/13/2018.

Yes. You are a complete moron.

audrey 09/13/2018.

Asked a hundred or so times and answered.

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

Did you read the instructions and follow them? You can prevent the crust around the top from burning by putting tin foil over it (just the crust) it after 20 minutes, and prevent it from spilling into the bottom of the oven by baking it on a cookie sheet. You're not an idiot, just not that experienced.

Jerry 09/13/2018.

It was a pretty stupid thing to do.

aaawe 09/16/2018.

first of all, "our son?" I thought you were her boyfriend??

M. 09/16/2018.


The pie container had written instructions.

It likely mentioned a PREHEATED oven temperature.

And things that are cooked need to be contained in some way.

WHAT do you do for a living?

. 09/15/2018.

Please don't be so hard on yourself. :) Everyone makes mistakes and you'll do better next time! Maybe another time, you and your girlfriend could make a pie together. That would be fun, and she could teach you.

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

No not an idiot, but your girl friend is an idiot for yelling at you

HarbourLad 09/13/2018.

No, you're just a sad loser who has never actually had a girlfriend.

Kevin7 09/13/2018.

You are not an idiot

Sammy 09/13/2018.

No, cooking isn't for everyone. I probably would have left the metal thing on though

liz 09/13/2018.

No, you sound cute. Does your girlfriend know how to check the tire pressures on a car? We're all different. Next time keep it in the foil and put it on a flat tray before it goes in the oven. But don't worry about the little things. It's not important.

Happiest in the kitchen. 09/13/2018.

Yes you are an idiot. Use your head next time.

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

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