Should I quit my job?

Laura 09/09/2018. 13 answers
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I have worked at this job for almost a year.
I with other females.

They spread rumours about me, gossip about me, talk about my looks. They say I dont look neat or proper. They say that I cant do my job properly. I am very skinny, and they say I need to eat

It is just part time job. I am considering leaving the...

13 Answers

Laura 09/10/2018.

If you want to leave, go ahead and leave.

Just be sure that you give a proper 2 weeks notice to this place, that way you can use your manager and bosses as references.

D J 09/09/2018.

Why are you letting them run you off? Why do you care what they say? Do not leave a job until you have another job.

poldi2 09/09/2018.

Yes, if they don't treat you with respect then find another job, there are lots out there.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Use it as a way to stand up for your self. You don’t need the job and you are being bullied. This may happen to you again at a future job. Learn to talk to management to get the comments to stop. Respectfully, tactfully yet firmly confront bullying. And never be a bully your self. Go up the chain of command where you work and bring what is happening to their attention - and yes - drop names!

What is the worst that can happen? If they fire you - you don’t need the job. But if what you do works - you’ll have made this job better for your self and you’ll know how to defend yourself better in future jobs.

wind_updoll 09/09/2018.

Unfortunately this is what it’s often like to work in female dominated businesses. It depends on how much it annoys you. Why quit, when you’ll just experience the same thing elsewhere. Either seek work in a more gender balanced or male dominated field or develop a thicker skin. Your performance is what you’re striving for.

magix151 09/09/2018.

That is going to happen at any job you get. People will talk about coworkers. If you quit a job because people talk about you, you will never hold a job for long. If you want to keep this job, report them for creating a hostile work environment.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

If you aren't happy I'd find a new job. A word to the wise, in my experience and almost without exception groups of women are bitchy. Especially at work.

I'd try and find somewhere where there is a good mix of sexes and people of different ages if you can.

choko_canyon 09/09/2018.

You should make your own decisions. We don't know you.

Jedi Jan 09/09/2018.

Find another job before you leave this one.

Just that it is easier to find a job while you already have one. Do not say anything bad about this job, or the people you are working with, though when you go to interviews. That could make you look bad. Always have a positive slant to say about things, like saying you are seeking something more interesting, want to meet new people and learn new things.

Good luck; not much can be worse than working with those bullies. Better days ahead for you ... chin up and keep smiling!

Eddy 09/12/2018 at 01:23.

You have stumbled into a hornets nest of microcephalics. Let them talk all they want. Keep working and minding your own business. Someday a supervisor will overhear their gossip and you might see them GONE. Don';t quit this job unless another job with the schedule that really suits you shows up. These twerps from hell cannot hurt you. Just do you job and don't (even for a moment) think of revenge. You are going to see your true strength through this ordeal. Stay the course and move on down the line. You will build this strength. This is your chance to increase your abilities and your strengths.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

NO! Then they will think they won doing the evil things at you!

Don't let them win!

Talk with your boss and tell him/her of what they are doing and see If they like that!

Ryan 09/09/2018.

Conway? If so thank you.

Hindusufi 09/09/2018.

Try to find another job first. But even if you don't find one, quit that one if you can get help from family.