Which of 3 cars should I buy?

Nina 09/09/2018. 25 answers
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I need to buy a car with decent mpg that will last at least a year, $1500 or less. I am looking at 2 1998 Dodge Caravans each for $950 (one with 170K miles but some body damage that does not affect the performance; and one with 240K which looks better but is otherwise about the same. The 3rd car is a 2000...

25 Answers

Wjam 09/21/2018.

The Benz would be a money pit but it depends on how much you care about what you drive. If you decide to go with the Benz you would most likely be better off and save money in the long/short run by spending a little more for a nice example.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

The Benz. The missing could be a bad plug. It will outlast the Dodges and is newer. Decent MPG...you got a funny idea what is economical for none are. Still choose the Merc. even if it was higher priced.

FlagMichael 09/19/2018.

The Benz is certain to be a money pit. Follow your instinct with the Caravans. Choose one to check out and get a pre-purchase inspection (about $100 at your own mechanic) and if he says it looks good for a year, go for it. I agree with the others that it won't have much of a future but they have made it 20 years; if there is no specific problem that the mechanic will see they will probably do fine for a year or more.

Frank 09/19/2018.

Older Camry or Corolla...Civic or Accord. Stay away from the sh!t you are looking at.

Greedy 09/19/2018.

Hard to say, best have it inspected by mechanics. Problem with 1500 is it's very risky investment. You buy it now then it maybe only last you a month before engine blown up then it only worth as what scrapped metal values which couple of hundred.

Grandpa 09/19/2018.

The lower mileage Dodge.

Been There, Done That. 09/19/2018.

None. 3 POS money pits (That's why they're for sale)

ElGrande 09/19/2018.

Three unreliable junkmobiles.

Why are you even considering the Mercedes? Have you asked a mechanic to check it over to see just how bad the "miss" is? You realize that the fix for that miss could be major $$$.

G. Whilikers 09/19/2018.

First weed out the one you can't trust to last a year, then pick the one you'll enjoy driving more. Since the cars are disposable, any major repair is a 'total' (Mercedes, even more so). Put your mind to rest by saving up for the next car.

Happy Gramps 09/19/2018.

sorry to tell you, but NONE of those are worth even one $........and you need to account for: registration, insurance, immediate repairs, mechanics inspection, and so on, so you don't have 1500................you might have $ 1000

Micks 09/21/2018.

anything except ford

JohnO 09/21/2018.

If you made me choose, I'd take the lower mileage Caravan.

Outsider 09/21/2018.

Keep looking around.

unknown1 09/19/2018.

It's amazing how you drove the Benz considering it wasn't even there when you went to look at it.

mccoyblues 09/19/2018.

Avoid the old Mercedes. Repairs and maintenance costs are way too high and a car this old with high miles isn’t going to be reliable.

Avoid the car with damage.

Avoid the van with 240k miles. Too old, too many miles to be trusted as reliable.

Start over, none of these vehicles is worth the high risk.

Scott 09/19/2018.

I wouldn't buy any of these clunkers. $1500 isn't going to get you much car these days.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

None of those. Keep looking. If you try to rush it you'll make a bad decision that you'll most likely regret. And, even though you're obviously strapped for cash, do not buy anything unless you've had a proper mechanic give it a good looking over and test drive. That may cost $100 or more, but is money well spent if it stops you from buying a lemon. The best advice anyone has given here is to buy Japanese and try to stay under 150,000 miles.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

None. Find a 20 year old Japanese car with a manual transmission.

Ray C 09/19/2018.

Cars should always be purchased by volumetric weight.

Aprail 09/21/2018.

The Month of May. The conventional wisdom is that springtime is not a good time to buy a new car, as lots of buyers get back into the market when the weather starts to improve. However, if you wait until late May, you can take advantage of Memorial Day weekend car deals.

hope it helped...

Thomas 09/21/2018.

I would go with the dodge. I heard Mercedes cars break down a lot and it’s expensive to repair.

KY-Clay 09/21/2018.

None of them. Both are very unreliable vehicles. Why do you think they are so cheap?

mdrasedul 09/19/2018.

about $100 at your own mechanic

STEPHEN 09/19/2018.

Look for something else. Dodge Caravans are serious garbage. A Mercedes that the seller can t get running right even for someone to test drive is going to be an expensive mistake.

nt 09/19/2018.

You are going to spend a lot of time on the side of the road broken down with any $1500 car.

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