If I drink every weekend will I get cirrhosis?

Blue nose 09/08/2018. 18 answers
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Blue nose 09/09/2018.

No, not every weekend

Boney Boy Bailey 09/09/2018.

Drink how much? Get hammered every weekend then you increase your chances a lot, but then some life long teetotallers get cirrhosis even though that is rare. You only increase or decrease chances and sometimes you don't even know why, just like cancer.

Gerry G 09/09/2018.

Ask you health care provider this question. For me, I think the answer is no, but I have been fooled before.

wind_updoll 09/09/2018.

How much you’re drinking, how long you’ve been drinking, and your overall health will determine this.

kswck2 09/09/2018.

How much and for how long?

The_Doc_Man 09/09/2018.

One drink per weekend? Probably not. One full bottle per weekend? Probably so. Somewhere in the middle? A resounding "Maybe."

There is such a thing as NASH - which is Non-Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis. It is what happens to your liver if you consume too many fat-laden foods. That also leads to cirrhosis. So you don't know whether boozing will do it to you or whether eating bad diets will do it to you. However, once your liver goes whacko on you, you WILL know it and WILL hate it.

Blessed 09/09/2018.

yes, some day

Rick B 09/09/2018.


HapiKat 09/09/2018.

Maybe, maybe not. You could be a complete tee-totaller and still get cirrhosis. Or you could drink like a fish and never get cirrhosis (though you'd likely get some other horrible disease).

How much are you planning on drinking every weekend? A couple of beers, or a couple of cases of beer?

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

you may, people who don't drink can get cirrhosis as well. If you are binge drinking please get help as that is not healthy . There are MANY side effects to consuming alcohol.

Alina 09/10/2018.

I m drinking all day... because I feel some others place...I know it's funny

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

If you binge-drink often or to excess. Remember cirrhosis is only one of the many the health risks of alcohol.

? 09/09/2018.

Unlikely . Cirrhosis occurs when the liver doesn't get a chance to recover. Drinking most days is the problem. Sticking to weekends only and you'll probably be fine.

Janet 09/09/2018.


If you are under 22-23, you will also keep your brain from maturing fully.

TexHabs 09/09/2018.

Why risk it ?

Doc 09/09/2018.


abdul 09/09/2018.

Perhaps. That is really a variable situation though. Are you planning on drinking a bottle of wine every weekend or will you be doing shots and passing out regularly? It really all depends on health and genetics I think.

Remy 09/09/2018.


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