I'm required to write a cover letter with my job resume, but I don't know my employer's name. What should I do?

Ian 09/08/2018. 15 answers
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loanmasterone 09/11/2018.

Normally a cover letter is not written with the name of any potential employer name.

A cover letter is normally a summary of your resume.

You would need google cover letters to resumes to get an idea of what your cover letter should include.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


LindseyS499 09/09/2018.

Dear Sir or Madam, usually starts things off and works for me.

Or call them up and find out whom is going to be hiring you.

Kate 09/09/2018.

Ring the company, ask the name and title of the person you are sending your letter and resume to. The address the letter to that person with their title.

eg: Mr E Jones, HR Manager, ABC Books, address

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Give it up. Go and apply at McDonalds.

Elaine M 09/09/2018.

Dear Hiring Manager. Though I don't know why you can't call the company and ask the receptionist on the phone at the front desk who you need to address it to.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

How can you not know your employer's name?

Murzy 09/09/2018.

Address ti to whom it may concern or Dear Sir/Madam

A Hunch 09/09/2018.

Dear Recruiter,

Dear Hiring Manager,

DON W 09/09/2018.

You start it with To Whom It May Concern,

Happy Gramps 09/09/2018.

how are you supposed to submit what you think is a resume ( but w/o any experience is a useless document ) when you don't know who you are applying to ??

Randy 09/12/2018 at 04:23.

Before I had my first job, I would lie about work experience, cuz no place hires you if you have no work experience.

Just put down your friends number, give a fake name, and ask your friend to pose as your employer if a job calls him about you.

Discordian Harmony 09/09/2018.

If you're applying for the job they are not your employer yet.

🚶 🏃 09/09/2018.

Research, ask questions, find out! This is important and will get you noticed over others that don't know it.

Or, if you really can't find out address it:

"To Whom It May Concern", "To Human Resources" or "Dear Sir or Madam".

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Quit while you can!

Cavalier 09/09/2018.

Find out your employer’s name.