What is the wiring harness behind my truck seat?

700_up 09/08/2018. 11 answers
Cars & Transportation Maintenance & Repairs

11 Answers

DR + Mrs Bears face 09/20/2018.

Hi so part of the vehicles wiring.

mobilmen59 09/20/2018.

wife put a bug in it. some kind of listening device

Rolomatic 09/20/2018.

Just a guess, it's probably for the Sony upgrade version premium factory stereo amp and speakers.

Automakers often include the wiring harness for premium upgrades in the main electrical harness.

don r 09/20/2018.

That's just what it is- a wiring harness. Wan't me to guess? I'll guess, maybe it's for lights, speakers. If you check the vehicle color code that will tell you what those wires go to.

Robert S 09/20/2018.

Electrical system.

Really ? 09/20/2018.

It is for trailer brakes on the truck, you need this harness to hook up the brake system when/if you ever put them in.

Happy Gramps 09/20/2018.

have you looked in the owners manual ?? or a google image ?? or a google search ??

STEVEN F 09/20/2018.

Without a photo, we can only guess.

It could be for an option not included on your vehicle.

Ron 09/20/2018.

Stuff that you didn't order on the options

Dan 09/20/2018.

Probably just lights and crap.

Pilsner Man 09/20/2018.

It's for upgrades to assist the WIZZO, Weapons Systems Operator for fire control. Don't worry about it.

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