Why was Ed Sheeran knighted...compared to all the other deserving Britons who are not?

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Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Has he?

I doubt he has.

He was given an MBE, services to music in 2017.

Plenty of unworthy people get them.

Time to scrap the daft system, it seems all you need to do is write a few songs, run a few races and voila!

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Baron Clownish 09/09/2018.

Ed Sheeran hasn't been knighted. Since he's a left-footer he's unlikely to be given more than an MBE.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Absolutely no reason whatsoever.

David GH UK 09/09/2018.

I have specially Googled his name and can't find any reference to Ed being Knighted ?He is only 27. Is this fake news ? I am on my phone so can't see who the asker is.

Guru Hank 09/09/2018.

Exports. You get knighted for affecting the balance of trade. The politicians who put the lists together a couple of times each year are not interested in whether you do good works handing out soup to the deserving poor or crap. Not unless there is a good 'heartwarming' photo-op they can join in or maybe use the story to distract from some piece of news they would rather you didn't think too hard about. But generally, being involved in a business that keeps the chancellor of the exchequer happy is a good way to get presents from the government.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

He must be a paedophile, the royals love knighting them

Shadow Oxide 09/09/2018.

Degenerate culture and societal simplification are the reasons so many people these days receive accolades over those more beneficial to humanity.