Do you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night?

Mier 09/08/2018. 70 answers
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70 Answers

BK 09/10/2018.

No unfortunately. My sleep has been really broken up

e9601: 09/10/2018.

yes I do.

Ronald 7 09/10/2018.

Yes, the Cat is my Alarm Clock

Zhu 09/09/2018.

Yep. I take a nap at noon, too.

Sarcastatron 09/09/2018.

I wish, getting around 4-6 at most these days.

wHaT eVeR 09/09/2018.

No Im lucky if it adds up to 3 hours. I sleep a while than wake up with nightmares and panic attacks.

Gummy Roach 09/09/2018.

No I don't

Arlanymor Mountain Man 09/09/2018.

Half that

small 09/09/2018.

Yes..... very regularly over all my life spanning many decades so far...... actually key to my sustained good health overall.

So far as I could make out, it is due to my ability to keep worries buried until it is time to take some action..... I don't seem to harbour any idle or premature worries

Fernando 09/10/2018.

More than usual I get around this much sleep.

Mr 09/10/2018.


tempus fugit 09/10/2018.

not as much as I used to since I have to work at 7am most mornings anymore.

Michele K 09/10/2018.

Usually 5-6

Boney Boy Bailey 09/10/2018.

No, usually around the six mark although just three hours of normal sleep is better than 20 hours drunk sleep.

Hollis 09/09/2018.

Usually either way less or way more

أليسا 09/09/2018.

No, I have a baby at home. So it is impossible...

Amy 09/11/2018.

I get 6 hours of sleep per night. I sleep from 00:00-06:00 each night like clockwork. A longtime habit :p

Hailey 09/10/2018.

Anywhere between 4 and 12 hours.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.


Anonymous 09/10/2018.


I'm active duty in the u.s. army as a 92 golf which is a cook. We have very long hours in the military and especially the army. It doesn't help that in the army we have to get up early for mandatory group pt whereas air force doesn't make you do mandatory pt.

Being a cook and having to get up even earlier is even worse.

I may get like 6 hours of sleep at the most.

jim 09/10/2018.


ACINONYX 🐆 👑 💪 09/10/2018.

I sleep for 9 hours.

I need to change my habit.

I think sleeping for 8 hours is best.

I should sleep at 10:00 pm and wake up at 6:00 am

Betty 09/10/2018.

Not with my husband...he snores like a pig...

dj 09/09/2018.

Not every night

james 09/09/2018.

You have made my life worth living James..-crying! Get in the suv

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Usually 4 - 6 hours of sleep every night.

Trilby McTip The Wrestling Smark 09/10/2018.

Most days.. Yes

Robert 09/10/2018.

Yes I do

AvanturAvanfur 09/10/2018.

No I wish

shohan 09/10/2018.

No.6 hours..

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

Go to sleep earlier, stay away from your laptop and phone. It's a distraction.

Stanley 09/10/2018.

Not continuous sleep those days are long gone.

Artemisia 09/10/2018.

Give or take.

Depends. Some days, I don't sleep at all or at the most? 4 to 5 hours.

It depends. Random.

18 gibbs 20 09/09/2018.

Around that, yes. Usually 7.

Sprinkles 09/09/2018.

No, I get 4 or 5 each night

Frida 09/10/2018.

I try to. I always get at least 6 hours.

Sabrina 09/10/2018.

Yes yes I do

Fefee 09/09/2018.

I get about 4-6 hours of sleep

Owner Of All Cosmos&Universes 09/09/2018.

as much as I can get.

AA 09/09/2018.

Yes, i do

Blue Sky 09/09/2018.

I average six hours of sleep and I'm lucky if I get seven.

David 09/09/2018.

No, maybe on weekends i do.

Fireball 09/09/2018.

more like 9 or 10. I am injured.and fighting germs.

vivienne 09/09/2018.

Yes i do

Quartz 09/09/2018.

Mostly I do now yes.

? 09/10/2018.

Yes - I need to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to be able to function the next day.

Maggie 09/10/2018.

I sleep around 5 and a half hours per night

AG 09/10/2018.

Nope. Get around 5-6 hours a night.

Allieep 09/10/2018.

yes, I fall asleep around 10, I wake up around 7, so that's 9 hours, I don't sleep during the day.

Donkey Punch Express 09/09/2018.

No but I spend about 7-8 hours a week jacking off to pornography before bed at like 1am lol

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Never, I have bad insomnia and am lucky to get 2 or 3 hours sleep a night and sometimes I don't sleep at all

Kathy 09/09/2018.

Sometimes I do, but not always.

Ben 09/10/2018.

Most of the time, but not always because I like playimg games overnight.

Stonehaven 09/10/2018.

No, not always.

Jon 09/10/2018.

yes i sleep well tucked into my warm cozy bread

rkatter 09/09/2018.


trinitycubed 09/09/2018.

What is this sleep thing you speak of? Oh, that thing? I get maybe 5-6 hours of that mistress a night (alot of times only 3 or 4), used to get lots more when I was younger but now consider myself lucky if I get 6. I once slept for 36 hours (mind you had good reason to). I think I've had 8 hours continuous sleep maybe three or four times in the past decade.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

I sleep in the daytime, not in the nighttime. Therefore, I get zero hour of sleep a night.

Lone Wolf 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 09/09/2018.

It’s rare if I do

conley39 09/09/2018.

No, more like 5 - 6

Jota 09/09/2018.

No-.- rarely -.-

ANDERSON SILVA MUAY THAI SPIDER!!!!!!!.... 09/10/2018.

Almost 6 Hours Per Night & Almost 10/11 Hours Per Week!!!!!!......


MELONS 09/10/2018.

nah borin'

Kayleigh 09/10/2018.

I wish I did

Jess 09/10/2018.

I get more, consistently...

jean 09/10/2018.

yes, only because I take medication.

Lucifer 09/10/2018.

No, I’m lucky if I get 4

sarah 09/09/2018.

I always get my 8 hours each night

Sea 09/09/2018.

In my dreams!

Seriously no, I get about 4-5 average, then It's overboard sleeping to rest up. Hope you're ok., it can be really rough.

PJ 09/09/2018.

Yes I do.