Can I eat wild fruit and veg in the uk or anywhere in the world for that matter? Are they still healthy?

DEBS 09/08/2018. 10 answers
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DEBS 09/09/2018.

in general, wild fruit would be much healthier than anything you buy in the store which is full of chemicals. That assumes you know what is safe to eat in general.

Anonymous 09/11/2018.

sure, you just have to know what you are doing to know which plants are safe and which aren't.

kswck2 09/09/2018.

Yes and no. Some wild vegetables, like mushrooms, are likely poison.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Yes but be careful, quite often edible species and related poisonous species closely resemble each other, for example, watercress and fools watercress, and the very poisonous hemlock resembles the edibles cow parsley and meadowsweet. You also need to be careful with wild fruits although wild blackberries, raspberries and strawberries should be easy to identify.if you want to start foraging it would be a good idea to find an expert forager who could help you learn to identify which species can be safely gathered and which must be strictly avoided. A good illustrated book is also a near-essential investment. Lastly when foraging do not take risks, if in doubt - don't.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

If they are in season and you can find them of course you can. You need to wash whatever you're going to eat thoroughly first.

I doubt you'll find common vegetables like potatoes, peas or carrots growing wild in the UK but I pick raspberries and blackberries and there are many other fruits and herbs growing wild.

ckngbbbls 09/09/2018.

yes you can eat wild fruits and veggies but you would have to find them first. And why would they be "unhealthy" now?

Don't know about UK but people still pick wild choke cherries, plums and crab apples in parts of the US. Not as much as before.

Keep in mind that wild fruit is very different than tame fruit as not as many varieties grow naturally in many parts of the world. Research your home country to see what is native to it and where to find it.

With agriculture, it is more and more rare to find native fruits. Good luck.

Clive 09/09/2018.

Of course you can. They're exactly the same thing, just that nobody farmed them. Just know exactly what it is you're eating.

Especially if you're picking mushrooms - the Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) looks so similar to a normal white mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) that it's best to avoid foraging for mushrooms unless you really know what you're doing. Half of a Death Cap is enough to kill you and if it doesn't, you're very likely to need a liver transplant. And cooking doesn't destroy the poison. There is one tell-tale clue - the gills under the mushroom cap of an Amanita species are white.

Wild is probably even better because nobody's been spraying it with insecticide. I remember a school trip when we found some blackberries growing wild, so we picked and ate them (yum!) and a teacher identified some watercress, so we took some back to the hotel and ate it with dinner. All good free food!

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

It depends, you have no idea what it might have been contaminated with.

Lim Yuan 09/09/2018.

No, not really you should clean, prepare or cook wild fruit and veg.

If I recall it accounts for the majority of vital and parasitic food born illnesses.

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

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