Who's death were people more upset about Princess Diana's, Or John F Kennedy's?

Anonymous 09/08/2018. 18 answers
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Who's death were people upset about? Two people who's death's were mourned quite heavily by people they never met. And i have reason to believe, that when there was not a camera around, both these people were very different people, compared to what was seen of them, particularly in Princess Diana's...

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Anonymous 09/08/2018.

It's Princess Diana and it's not even close. Nobody outside the USA even cared about The John F Kennedy one much. no offense to The US President. But it's the truth. They might have heard of it though. In fairness to John F Kennedy.

bluebellbkk 09/11/2018.

You mean 'whose' death. And there is no apostrophe in 'deaths' when it's just a plural.

Both deaths were massive shocks to the public all over the world.

By the way, it is pure nonsense to say that nobody outside the USA cared or even knew about Kennedy's death. I was in the UK at the time and remember it very well: nobody talked about anything else for days.

Clo G-B. 09/09/2018.

Both were shocking deaths. It is not something that one should compare.

Fred 09/09/2018.

I experiencing both .. was more enraged by Princess Diana's death due carelessness, paparazzi chase, and the influence of alcohol in combination.

Kennedy was warned that Dallas could not be safely secured and could have used a more protective vehicle .. but he wanted the exposure and the popular politically powerful Southern vote. Still in MHO a closed vehicle would not have been much of a hinderance.

Princess Diana dies in an accident accelerated by the Paparazzi … that guilt belongs to anyone who ever bought a 'scandal rag' using her as a subject... BE ASHAMED!!!

Anonymous 09/09/2018.

Both deaths were great shocks since Princess Diana and President Kennedy each died suddenly, unexpectedly, and tragically at young ages. With both deaths, people around the world reacted with shock and millions watched each funeral on TV.

Gypsyfish 09/08/2018.

I don't it's possible to quantify that. And the people who say that no one outside the US cared about JFK are very wrong. He was seen as young and charismatic. He made a speech in Germany (where he made a famous grammatical mistake) where he was cheered by thousands. The reaction was different- great shock over a president being assassinated. Diana's death was tragic, but not as much of a surprise as many people die in car accidents (30,000 a year in the US alone). I think most of the people answering you weren't alive when Kennedy was killed.

People lined the streets of Washington to watch Kennedy's funeral procession.

Baron Clownish 09/08/2018.

Princess Diana's death resulted in more ostentatious public outpourings of grief - to an extent that would have made North Koreans blush.

Mercury 09/08/2018.

Nobody outside the USA cared much about Kennedy.

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

Not much of a comparison considering they died 36 years apart and nobody had heard of Diane when JFK was shot as she was only 3 at the time.

jimmy 09/08/2018.


Donnie Porko 09/08/2018.

It’s Lady Di. She list the princess title when she and Charles divorced. Di because most people felt that she would still be alive if Charles hadn’t cheated on her. There’s a lot of sympathy for her. She might have survived the crash if the paparazzi did something instead of just standing there and taking pictures. Most people blame the paparazzi for causing the accident. Think about how many new laws were made after the accident.

Her death affected people from all around the world because she was such a humanitarian. She worked on the AIDS crisis and getting rid of land mines.

JFK’s death only affected Americans the most.

Verity 09/10/2018.

I'm old enough to remember both, and I am an American.

JFK was a shock because he was a young, vibrant sitting President of the United States.

He had enormous power and personal charisma. Diana had charisma, too--but no actual

political power. I remember her death, too---crossing Times Square and seeing it announced on

one of those electronic wrap-around billboards. I cried for both of them.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

The leader of the free world in a time of the Cold War or a blonde airhead? I suspect it will depend if you were old enough to remember the 'shot that was heard all around the world.'

Verulam 09/09/2018.

I doubt there are any stats to suggest that, one way or the other. Obviously at the time the assassination of JFK was a huge shock around the world but especially to Americans. On the other hand, the untimely death and the manner in which she died, was a shock across the world, as it was bound to be, for different reasons to the JFK death, but more so in the UK where mass hysteria followed. The country went crazy which I don't think was the case in America with JFKs death?

Gloria 09/09/2018.

Princess Diana of course.

voice 09/08/2018.

The Princess of Wales she was the royal princess of the commonwealth

Helen Heels 09/08/2018.

Diana's, of course. The Kennedys assassinated Marilyn Monroe and ruined the Cape.

pearlmar 09/08/2018.