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Abel 09/08/2018. 6 answers
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Ade throws a ball up to a height of 10m and catches it back. What is the displacement of the ball?

A. 10m

B. 20m

C. 30m

D. 0m

E. 9.8m

6 Answers

JosephV 09/08/2018.

The ball was initially in the hand and finally in the hand.

since displacement is the distance moved from its initial position, the displacement is zero.

oubaas 09/09/2018.

Displacement = final height -initial height = 0-0 = 0

motion = 10 m+10 m = 20 m

Mr. Un-couth 09/08/2018.

Since you did not select 0m as best answer i'm going with (B) 20m as being the correct answer.

(B) Absolute value of displacement = 2(10m) = 20m = 2[.5(V1 + u)t1]

(D) Net value of displacement = (10 - 10)m = 0m = [.5(v1 + 0)t1] - [.5(0 + v2)t2]

But the maximum net displacement at at any given time during the ball's flight = (A) 10M

Ricki 09/08/2018.

10 m up and 10 m down. 20 m.

Whome 09/08/2018.

Displacement is time dependent

The maximum displacement is 10 m halfway through the ball's flight.

When Ade catches it again, total displacement is zero.

D. 0m is probably the answer sought.

I hope this helps.

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Donnie Porko 09/08/2018.

0. It ended up where it started so it hasn’t moved at all. - Download Hi-Res Songs