Should I contact airliner to ensure third party flight booking is legit? Still haven’t received boarding pass Thanks?

Ryan 09/08/2018. 8 answers
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MS 09/10/2018.

You don't get your boarding pass until you check in for your flight, which you cannot do online on US carriers until 24 hours before departure (some European carriers allow online check-in farther in advance than that).

You should have received an email confirmation of your booking though. If you have not, you should contact either the booking site or the airline to verify that your reservation has been made.

luddite 09/10/2018.

You don't get a boarding pass until you have checked in.

Why didn't you check it was legit before handing over your money.

eatbabyseals 09/09/2018.

You wont get your boarding pass until 24 hours prior to departure. But you can go to the airline's website and you should have a confirmation number you can plug in and verify your information

trailblazer 09/09/2018.

Check what you have been sent, the booking site will have sent you confirmation details, covering the booking itinerary and confirmation number, this could also include an airline booking reference that is generally 6 digits numerical alpha code. You can use this code to check with the airline, either by calling them or checking online through the airline's manage your booking site. If you haven't received this, as the third party agent to confirm it.

Jennifer 09/09/2018.

It shows that you are not a frequent flyer or someone who doesn't really fly. No one issues and actual boarding pass so far in advance anymore. You will only get a confirmation code in which you would enter to get print it up.

Rona Lachat 09/08/2018.

The Airline company runs the flight.

Third party booking site takes your money.

The seat guarantee is only when the Airline says you have one.

Third party booking site takes your money . They do not operate the planes.

Gypsyfish 09/08/2018.

I've been on flights where I couldn't get the boarding pass until I went to the airport because the other airline didn't allow it. Do you have a confirmation email showing your flights?

Joseph 09/08/2018.

You can check in on line and print your boarding pass within 24 hours of your flight or you can check in at the airport check in kiosk or counter at the airport on the day of the flight.

BTW. An airliner is a word for a passenger airplane. An airline is a company that operates airliners.