Does jiffy lube do coolant flushes?

Heidi 09/08/2018. 18 answers
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18 Answers

rollie r 09/18/2018.

It's obvious you own a computer, email them, better yet call. Can you handle that ??.

westville sal 09/15/2018.

Call your nearest Jiffy Lube and ask them.

jtbutch479 09/15/2018.

don't be stupid just call the outlet

Robert M 09/13/2018.

Although I do like the fact that a JIFFY LUBE uses mostly PENNZOIL products that carry a 500,000 mile OIL warranty, they STILL do not realize that all COOLANTS and TRANS fluids are quite different! YOU CANNOT USE DEXROn in every car, and there is no real UNIVERSAL OIL even nor is there UNIVERSAL STEERING FLUID or TRANS fluid anymore! OIL is CAR SPECIFIC now as well. Most OIL CHANGE places use DRUM fluids and the cheapest FILTERS they can find! I do NOT LIKE AUTOZONE BATTERIES, e.g. EITHER! The PERSONNEL do NOT get paid a FORTUNE either, no matter HOW CAR SMART they may be! It is GENERALLY better than WAL MARTS You are BEST OFF using the REAL DEALERSHIP that sold YOUR CAR BRAND ONLY! They have the proper equipment and STERILE fluids to use! They will GUARANTEE the work as well.The BAX should NOT generalize either! There are GOOD and BAD shops and GOOD and BAD technicians as well.Even DEALERSHIPS have GOOD and BAD personnel! They SHOULD MAKE the TECHNICIAN sign his NAME to their work! Most OIL CHANGE CENTERS use a GENERIC TUB for coolant which is NOT OKAY with me! EVERY CAR needs a different COOLANT, and there are at least THIRTY tyoolant out there! DEXCOOL is the SWOST evenfor GM cars as it wil EAT GM gaskets up and RUIN the engines! PRESTONE is NOT used by ANY FACTORY on earth either.ANYWYAS, the idea is GO TO THE DEALERSHIP to get the RIGHT fluids! I use only EUROPEN GRADE fludis, like OIL and even German DEXON in any car type! They hae the HIGHEST standards!

W⛧ 09/13/2018.

Probably I but I wouldnt use them for anything. Most tire and lube places are below standards. They hire idiots.

Jiffy Lube would be sub-substandard.

don r 09/06/2018.

They flush wallets mostly. Call them and ask.

JetDoc 09/06/2018.

They will sell you something they call a coolant flush, but it's not. Don't trust Jiffy Lube to maintain your car.

FlagMichael 09/06/2018.

They do, but you need a regular mechanic - somebody who can actually take care of your car instead of doing random pieces of maintenance. Take your car to him for all its service and it will have the longest life possible (something going to cheapie-lube places will never do) at the overall lowest cost while supporting the shop you are trusting with your car. Trusting your car to any cheapie-lube place is crazy.

thebax2006 09/06/2018.

Jiffy Lube was the center of a news sting for not doing the work customers paid for back in 2006. I'd never go to a Jiffy Lube. A reporter put a camera in the engine compartment and went to Jiffy Lube for a transmission flush. The camera caught the employee cleaning the motor off with brake cleaner spray and never even hooked up the flushing machine. They hire High School drop outs with no car experience.

johnson 09/14/2018.

Lol opp

R K 09/06/2018.

i wouldn't go to them for anything.

Anonymous 09/06/2018.

I don't know.

What's their phone number?

I'll call them and ask.

Then I'll let you know.

KY-Clay 09/06/2018.

I would not trust them to check the fluid level let alone flush it. Take your car to a trusted mechanic or dealer not Jiffy Lube.

bo 09/06/2018.

I don't trust them doing oil changes. never mind a coolant flush. dealers run service specials. get on your local dealers website service section and see what comes up

Ron 09/06/2018.

I'm not sure. Would you like me to call them for you or can you manage that small task yourself?

Egbert 09/06/2018.

Do it yourself. All you need is a screwdriver and a garden hose. Detach the bottom radiator hose to drain into a bowl. Dispose of the coolant at a recycling centre. Reconnect and flush with water. Refill with flushing chemical. Run the car for a day or two. Drain, flush and refill with 50:50 water antifreeze mix.

No mechanic will be anywhere near as thorough.

Jay P 09/06/2018.

Contact Jiffy Lube to find out.

But be aware of some of those quick lube places. There have been several investigative news reports over the years exposing the scams of such places that show that in some cases, the work was done improperly or even not done at all.

A quick lube shop may be okay for getting an oil change done but I would be very hesitant to use them for other additional vehicle maintenance.

Mark 09/06/2018.

Yes they do. They change all automobile fluids. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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