Cost of putting diesel in a gas tank? (2018 Dodge Journey)?

Dan B 09/08/2018. 12 answers
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I feel like THE biggest idiot in the world, mainly because the jnternet keeps telling me I am. I have been pumping gas since I was 10 years old never made a mistake like his. I was seriously distracted and ended up pumping $20 worth of diesel in my car. The nozzle was too big but I had just got off work and...

12 Answers

Dan B 09/20/2018.

An HONEST mechanic will drain the fuel tank and lines all the way to the injectors. Refill the gas tank and you're on your way.

A dishonest mechanic will replaced the fuel tank and fuel pump, fuel lines and injectors and much, much, much higher cost.

Diesel is more like a lubricant while gasoline is more like a solvent. I've known a couple of people who pumped diesel and cleared the problem by simply doing the first paragraph above.

Pumping gas into a diesel engine, however, is a very different problem that can damage the engine. fuel pump and fuel injectors.

curmudgeon55 09/20/2018.

Some tow outfits, recovery and salvage yards, dealer and independant shops would put a small hose in fuel tank connected to fuel pump, pump out most of fuel into a large bucket or 35 gallon barrel, put in bottle of Iso Heet, 5 gallons unleaded fuel and start it up to test, get diesel from lines/injectors. about 1 to 2 hours work, $200.00 to $300.00 similar to cost of tow but done onsite. $500.00 for tow to shop maybe. Salvage yard just to west of town has done several- a wrong load into gas tank instead of diesel tank at a station that did fair amount of business with workers at factory. Fuel filter and some spark plug cleaning on couple cars, oil change and filter on couple others besides. Less than 50% diesel/gas mix may be driven with warm engine for some time- not best idea but has happened in some emergencies and later top up with gasoline got vehicle out of trouble area and no problems traced to wrong fuel afterwards- but the estimate was less than 50% diesel in fuel tank, more like 25 to 30% only.Harbor Freight has a small hand pump for about $20.00 for fuel transfers, I use one to suck out over wintered fuel in lawmowers, motorcycles before topping with fresh fuel. Small tubeing- but another tube of 6 foot instead of 3 foot was used on a pickup that got mostly diesel from farm tank with small nozzle, transfer out mostly diesel to 5 gallon fuel cans, empty the fuel into funnel with filter on diesel farm tractor JD?) and pump some more out- get near empty tank after 3rd fuel can, get to the proper overhead tank that had gasoline to half fill pickup that had sputtered and died with diesel over dose, remove spark plugs, spin over few seconds to spit out diesel fuel in cylinders, no hydro lock then, fresh spark plugs, a couple tables spoons gasoline in air filter to start and run it to town for Premium unleaded, no ethanol to top up, continue running rest of summer.

Also paint diesel tank with big blue stripes.

STEVEN F 09/20/2018.

The nozzle on diesel pumps is INTENTIONALLY larger that on gasoline pumps. It is EXTREMELY unlikely you actually pumped $1.00 of diesel into a 2018 gasoline engine.

Ron 09/20/2018.

this troll

Scott 09/20/2018.

It won't be cheap, probably $500-$1000. Stupidity can be expensive.

FlagMichael 09/20/2018.

ICU2 has it right - probably in the $500 range to get it back to normal, with the disposal of the transmix being a significant part of the cost. Gasoline in a diesel is the big horror; diesel in a gasoline vehicle is less.

That said, don't start it again until the diesel has been cleaned out. The really big concern is something I had not heard of until two people on a Prius forum mentioned their experience with diesel in their Prius cars. The Prius engine is an Atkinson design - it uses Miller valve timing to produce an 8:1 compression ratio out of an engine with a 13:1 mechanical compression ratio. The problem comes from not all of the diesel burning. Some of it collects in the cylinders and in their cases it eventually led to a cylinder hydrolocking and bending a connecting rod... engine replacement time. I am concerned in your case because it is a nearly new engine that will not let the accumulating diesel drain off as fast as it would in an older one. However, you would know by now if it had already happened. Just consider it a precaution.

By the way, nearly all the diesel pumps here in northern Arizona have the same nozzles as the gasoline pumps; they just have green (or sometimes yellow) covers rather than black. Go forth and oops no more!

Egbert 09/20/2018.

If there is room in the fuel tank to fill with gas that's what I would do. Diesel will burn off and you should be ok. But if you can't dilute the diesel sufficiently get a breakdown firm to pump the tank out and refill with gas.

thebax2006 09/20/2018.

A good $500 if the fuel injectors don't need replacing.

ICU2 09/20/2018.

You will need to get your tank and gas lines drained...I'm guessing under $500...

audrey 09/20/2018.

$6000. New engine, probably. Oh, yeah, new fuel tank.

M. 09/20/2018.

Did your Check Engine light come on?

Diesel fuel is bad for your catalytic converter.

You should not have driven the car or even started the engine if you knew.

The fuel tank needs to be drained.

The part of your story that is hard to believe is the large nozzle. It would have had diesel fuel all over you and the ground.

The catalytic converter turning colors from the high heat might have made crackling noises.

STEPHEN 09/20/2018.

It isn't possible to put diesel in a gas tank because a gas tank's inlet pipe is too narrow to take the nozzle on a diesel pump.

You can put gas into a diesel, nut you can't put diesel into a gas.

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