What is Person called that “Cannot or is not able to Read a Book.”???

kevin 09/08/2018. 20 answers
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What’s that called when you don’t know how to read

20 Answers

Billandhiscats 09/25/2018.

They may have a mental ability that denies them this ability. Or they may just be too bloody idle to bother to learn how to read. This latter trend of laziness is quite common, and often recognised as being particularly mentally thick.

Prince 09/18/2018.

Illiterates. . . we need more of them!

Hannah 09/16/2018.


Mark 09/16/2018.

who is not able to read. illiterate

pianoman 09/16/2018.


c 09/16/2018.


BTW just a hint, your question is INCOHERENT.

HapiKat 09/16/2018.

"An American."

Elaine M 09/16/2018.


bluebellbkk 09/16/2018.

A person who cannot read is usually described as 'illiterate'. It makes no difference if what they can't read is a book or a magazine or a comic: if they can't read, they can't read.

However there are different reasons why a person might not be able to read. They may be mentally deficient in some way, they may have been able to read in the past but have had a stroke affecting the 'reading' part of the brain, or they may simply never have been taught to read.

We use the word 'illiterate' more commonly to describe someone who hasn't had the opportunity to learn.

Andrew 09/16/2018.

A person who doesn't have enough of a foundation in reading to be able to recognise letters and words is illiterate; however, there are plenty of people out there who are literate but are unable to read analytically, think critically, and truly comprehend what they read.

Anonymous 09/16/2018.

President? I believe you were looking for that answer.

Flower 09/16/2018.


Stephan B 09/16/2018.

Illiteracy, or illiterate

Guru Hank 09/16/2018.

Differently educated.

Naomi 09/16/2018.


Gerald 09/16/2018.


🐷 09/16/2018.


Ricki 09/16/2018.


ajtheactress 09/16/2018.


jean 09/16/2018.


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