Am I wrong for being mad?

bluebellbkk 09/08/2018. 5 answers
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I am a 2nd year masters student, and I was told last semester that I would be receiving a graduate assistantship which would entail teaching undergraduate classes in my department. I did not hear from my department until the Friday before school starting when I found out what classes I would be teaching. After...

5 Answers

bluebellbkk 09/09/2018.

I do sympathise, but this has at least partly come about through your own actions, or I should say 'lack of action'.

When you "did not hear from my department until the Friday before school starting", why didn't YOU get in touch with THEM? You let this situation lie far too long.

You should have been pro-active in contacting them and asking exactly what they were expecting from you, weeks before.

DCM5150 09/08/2018.

No, you are not wrong for being mad. But I certainly would have tried to rectify the situation before quitting and maybe you did it is not clear.

The lesson here is to get things in writing before you get too far along. When you were told you were getting the assistantship you should have followed that up by getting something in writing that tells you what you would be responsible for and what you would get in return (pay, other benefits, etc). If someone in not willing to put things in writing it is definitely a warning sign (like if they say, don't worry you'll be taken care of)

CarolOklaNola 09/08/2018.

No you are NOT wrong for being angry, BUT you HAVE to realize that money for higher education is being cut. You were teaching only one section, NOT 2, so that made you 1/4 time employee, not a half time employee.

When I was GTA in 1981-1982, I was half time, and ONLY my out of state tuition was waived. I still had to pay in state tuition and fees.

Didn't you have to apply for the job through human resources? I did. I to learn how to do it from other graduate students my supervisor was a Ph.D. student. He failed his oral qualifying exams to become a Ph.D. candidate and his committee refused to re him.

You need to have a long conversation with your thesis committee chairperson and other faculty members. You are a pawn in multilevel mental chess game of departmental, college AND university politics.

READ all the small print and legal stuff and UNDERSTAND it BEFORE you agree to ANYTHING, especially if you decide to teaching at a community college or vo-tech school. You can do that.

? 09/08/2018.

No you're not wrong for being mad, and you certainly did not overreact. Getting teaching experience has to be WORTH your time. At less than $4 per class, I'm sure you could make better use of your time elsewhere.

As far as getting a GA position, you need to fill a formal application. There are deadlines for the application. It doesn't sound like you did this previously. ASK about the deadlines, and file the necessary application for next semester or next year. They won't begrudge you. Best wishes.

nbsale 09/08/2018.

What was the offer they made you when you we accepted into the Master's program? Was there a specified annual stipend? Was tuition to be covered? Did you discuss this with the department before quitting?

Sound like you have a reason to be mad, but you don't supply enough detail to determine how bad the situation was. It doesn't sound too good, but the explicit expectations are missing.