If you hit someone's car in a parking lot and there is ZERO damage, do you HAVE to notify the owner?

Anonymous 09/08/2018. 15 answers
Cars & Transportation Maintenance & Repairs

So I was pulling out of the mall parking lot and there was this car to my right which was very improperly parked, pretty much hugging my car and angled. My car is a big bodied sedan and these spots were narrow plus there was another large sedan to my left. I think you know where this is going...as I pulled out I...

15 Answers

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

Sounds? Look UNDER YOUR CAR. If you see a wheelchair, get back into your car and drive "LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL" UNTIL THE SCRAPING NOISE STOPS

then go to a car wash and hose off the bottom of your car to get all the DNA and blood off. You know, use the Wand and hot soapy water and Wax later on.

Otherwise No damage to either vehicle means no damage. You were not there. There is no proof.

You are good to go.

Maybe explain the noises like they do in the BATMAN Comics (example....screeech, scrunch, wap, pow, boing, crunch, squeal, thud,creak, groan, whomp,ding a ling, fizzle, whamboozle, dingle, whoosh, and other sounds that I can't think of right now.)

You heard it so you know the sounds it made.

We can only read your description. to visulize where the sound came from.

Throw us a BONE with meat on it if you REALLY WANT HELP.

If you left the parking lot without hitting anything there would be NO SOUNDS. I am just using common sense and SPOCK LOGIC.

jason 09/20/2018.

Often times when this happens the damage can not be seen. The impact can bend the rails in the door or the window hardware. The door may not close properly. Bumpers have sensors that get damaged. Even frame damage can occur if hit with enough force. Usually

if someone leaves the scene, they are unlisensed or uninsured. I personally say no harm no foul but kharma is a *****.

Jackolantern 09/20/2018.

If you can't see any damage, then the owner of the other car will not be looking for or seeing any either. Just drive on and be thankful there wasn't any! If you had left a note, then the other owner may 'cook up' something that wasn't caused by the accident.

W⛧ 09/20/2018.

You'd f1cking better notify me, if that was my car!!

And trust me there was damage. We arent in Cuba where the cars are 60+ years old and made like tanks.

This is 2018. And people are very weak and impulsive.

That means that most of the people in your area are driving new or newer vehicles because number one they got brainwashed by the commercial on tv and then the salesman, number 2 they are trying to keep up with the jones's, and number 3 if you look around you on the roads most of what you see are new vehicles.

So what does that mean? It means that your the chances that both your car, the one you hit, and the bother one that had you almost boxed in are new or newer.

And what do we know about new and newer cars? They are pieces of zhit; they dent easily and there is going to be damage even if the car backs into a giant sunflower.

KayleenR 09/20/2018.

Should be fine, although you could have left a note under the wiper

Mr.357 09/20/2018.

You don't get any sound without getting damage. Obviously you looked in the WRONG spot.

STEVEN F 09/20/2018.

I cringed as I heard the sounds of metal scraping against metal

If metal scraped metal, there IS damage. Therefore your question is moot. You just CONFESSED to what is informally called hit and run.

A Hunch 09/20/2018.

Why is the word "literally" in your statement question? It does not add any value.

If you couldn't have avoided the car, you need to insure that you do not park in spots that may become cramped when you leave. Since you were able to get into your car to drive it, most people would have been able to avoid it.

If you heard a lot of sounds when you hit the car, you caused damage. If you did not see it, you were not looking in the right place.

- you committed a hit & run. If you were in the mall there was likely cameras on you. You might not be caught but you were seen.

curtisports2 09/20/2018.

You just committed a hit and run. Just because you didn't see any damage doesn't mean there isn't any. What you did was not acceptable. If you were seen on surveillance cameras you can definitely still be charged with leaving the scene.

Sheltie Lover 09/20/2018.

You are OK. No damage, no foul.

Robert S 09/20/2018.

Thanks for F****ng up my car A$$HOLE.

Robsteriark 09/20/2018.

Yes. It’s not for you to decide that the other vehicle was undamaged.

If you know that contact occurred then you are obliged to report it. But the vast majority of people would do exactly as you did.

M. 09/20/2018.

I find fault in your statement:

"as I pulled out I could literately not avoid hitting the car on my right. I cringed as I heard the sounds of metal scraping against metal"

If you are so wedged in that you CAN'T get out, then you WAIT until the other driver returns. This is not a panic situation. Waiting is sometimes good. It may be a waste of time, but the outcome is better.

It's also possible that you don't yet know how to control the car.

If you heard the sounds of metal scraping against metal, then there IS damage, which YOU caused.

As ignorant as the driver is who wedged you in, that person caused no damage.

Taking off is the leftist, snowflake thing to do. Just remember when you find a dent or gouge or scrape on YOUR car, to Let It Go!

If YOU hit a lawfully parked vehicle, then YOU are at fault!

STEPHEN 09/20/2018.

If there is "literally" no damage......... how will they even know you hit them?

Erik 09/20/2018.

Very often the person who is responsible for an accident, will claim that there is no damage. If that is REALLY the case, fine. But it's hard to imagine that you could scrape another car and there not be some kind of mark.

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