How much body hair should I shave (men)?

John 09/08/2018. 7 answers
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I’m 17, and was always afraid to shave public and body hair because I didn’t know if guys my age were doing that yet. But I found out they were, so I plan to soon. But how much should I shave? I am really hairy there and on my butt, and it branches out in patches on thighs, the rest of my body hair is either...

7 Answers

Anonymous 09/22/2018.

Just your pubic hair, chest, back, and stomach. (If they’re really hairy and look like a gross carpet.) But other than that, leave the rest.

STEPHEN 09/20/2018.

Whatever you want. Don't feel that you "have to" shave anything. Grown men have hair. Little boys are hairless.

Laura 09/20/2018.

Groom however much of your body you want to.

How you groom that body hair is up to you.

I know lots of guys who just trim their body hair, not waxing or shaving.

I also know guys who get a full body wax, and guys who don't do any body hair maintenance at all.

I would start with trimming the body hair, that way you don't damage your skin and get things like razor burn or ingrown hairs. Then see how you feel about it. If you want to shave, go ahead and shave, the razors you use for your face are just fine for the body too.

No Mercy 09/20/2018.

u wax , don't shave. if u shave your hairy butt it will come back with a vengeance

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

None. real men are hairy, real women like that. only tweens and bimbos want a man with the body of a child.

Lia 09/20/2018.

as much as you feel comfortable doing

Jim 09/20/2018.

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