I got my hands on the account of a univesity professor what could I do with it?

MIKE 09/07/2018. 7 answers
Computers & Internet Security

I dont want to actually do anything, I just want to know what I could do. He's kind of an asshole and I even told him he did something that compromised his security. He looked at me like I was stupid when I told him. I imagine he uses the same password for everything

7 Answers

MIKE 09/18/2018.

you told him he did something that compromised his security? thats a weird thing to tell your professor dont you think? Was that supposed to be helpful? Thats more like admitting to what you just did and will do if ever.

stop being a weirdo and leave him alone. Let him do him and you do you. And dont mess with his account. You say he's the ****** but listen to yourself right now. Dont be an ****** man

Solomon P 09/15/2018.

i wouldnt go onto his acct, you could get in big trouble for doing that

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

do nothing.

Anonymous 09/06/2018.

It takes anasshole to recognize anotherasshole.

What should you do? Leave a note and tape it onto the monitor so he sees you got in.

. be responsible for a change.


Kiddie days are behind you.

Anonymous 09/06/2018.

It depends on how.

Anonymous 09/06/2018.

He looked at you like you were stupid? That's just your imagination. In this day and age everyone knows how to strike a pose to make it appear that they're cool, or that they are mocking you or whatever. It's so common it has no effect anymore so why does it bother you that much. If you really cracked his account and don't know what to do righ now, wait until the time is right

Christine 09/06/2018.

I can just imagine you bragging to your friends about this, and one of them decides to go behind your back and actually use your info to hack into his account and mess with things. Then you get blamed. It might be really hard to prove you weren't the one to hack his account, since you told him you could. Best stay away from this, big time.

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