Will mustard greens with white rice and sweet plantains be considered a completely vegan meal?

K S Lall 09/07/2018. 7 answers
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7 Answers

denise 09/11/2018.

Sounds completely vegan to me!

kswck2 09/09/2018.

Um, Yeah?

Doc 09/09/2018.

I think so.

katiya 09/09/2018.

It is vegan, but not a "complete protein".

Brown rice and beans are complete.

SSP Bowl Dude 09/08/2018.

Yes, unless you cook the greens using chicken stock or bacon fat following traditional recipes.

PoohBearPenguin 09/08/2018.

No. Mustard greens are animals. That's why they're called grrrreens.

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

It's completely vegan but I wouldn't call it a complete (or balanced) meal.