If Atheists don't like us witnessing to them, why are they even here on the R&S section anyway?

MAGA Carta 09/07/2018. 76 answers
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I pray for every atheist on this section. I won't lie. I've seen many angry atheists on here asking why Christians keep trying to convert them. Well, if atheists don't like it why are they on the religion and spirituality section? What do they expect? The fact that they're on here tells me that deep...

76 Answers

♥Tom♥ 09/19/2018.

Some come here to Troll. Some are here to try to convince you that your beliefs are wrong. Some come here because they are not sure if their beliefs are correct and are still searching. Some are here to make you waste your time trying to read what they write in an attempt to destroy a part of your faith. I did not receive a life changing experience until I was in my late 40's that made me understand the truth about Jesus Christ. I'd done my research early in life, used to mock people who were religious, believed that religion was man made and false. I was wrong. Now I don't care what the non-believers say because they just don't know the truth. I'm not the one to teach them either. Only the Holy Spirit can teach.

antonius 09/19/2018.

Witnessing what? Your imaginations? You believe the NT but can't provide details about Jesus. You really need to think about there are many persons who know more about your religion than members of your religion.

nineteenthly 09/19/2018.

Because this place is about religion, not a place to promote religious belief as such.

Kweli 09/19/2018.

To show YOU and other religious people the falsehoods in their beliefs. I am here to spread the power of critical thinking and expose lies taught by religion. Why? Religion does more harm than good.

Ernest S 09/19/2018.

They are churlish and dissatisfied?

...And obviously not too bright. Just look at their posts !

Atheist Frog 09/19/2018.

We're just trying to spread the truth, Fireball.

hugo61oi3 09/19/2018.

answering questions

choko_canyon 09/19/2018.

I come to watch theists twist and turn in frustrated desperation as they try to convince themselves a god exists, and also to enlighten those few theists who are actually seeking the truth and not simply reinforcement of their wishful thinking.

Caesar 09/19/2018.

If religious people ask questions about atheism or to atheists, here on the Religion &Spiritual of Yahoo answer section who do you think will answer those questions with more knowledge or understanding about atheist or atheism do you think some religion or some spirit will answer those questions... be honest.

I understand why religious people are surprised that we can answer questions ...because getting an answer from some invisible entities they call gods is miraculous usually... but unlike gods we are real we can answer... or talk and explain some lies and misconceptions religions make about unbelievers... or you can try like other user says you can pray for the atheist to go from Yahoo answers... pray always work.. sure

Live Long, and Prosper 09/19/2018.

In a sense I pray for you everyday too. Would let you rest a while, give a cool cup of water. Then I’ll hear your prayer. Then, 'o humanity how great we are! We have Maga in our thoughts, and wish her well. Call me anytime'.



Richard D 09/21/2018.

Alright. I'll buy that...

oldprof 09/19/2018.

I know it's too much to hope for, but we atheists do hope you theists will become humanists. You should look up the word if you don't know what a humanist is.

Marie And Alan 09/19/2018.

They are as welcome as anyone else.. Why object?

rick29148 09/19/2018.

Yelling & pointing fingers - what they do best !

Diogenes 09/19/2018.

After enduring a lifetime of unwelcome proselytizing, I'm here to complain about it. I figure I'm an excellent example of how forcefully brainwashing helpless children ultimately creates angry adult atheists. I think it's highly likely that, if my parents had simply allowed me discover my own spirituality, I wouldn't have become an anti-theist.

I want Christians to appreciate that forcefully brainwashing their kids is very likely to backfire.

BlueKitten 09/19/2018.

Atheists are the only people dedicated to fighting what they first swear does not exist.

tempus fugit 09/19/2018.

because they hate God and want to poke fun at those who loves Him, I also pray for the lukewarm Christians who think just believing in God is enough to save them.

Zhu 09/19/2018.

They're witnessing to you, too. Most are ex-Fundies, you know.

The Hidden 09/19/2018.

Because they are haters and trolls and like nothing better to do than to come here and start this flaming war with people.

Best to pray for their salvation because whether they believe in God or not, they will meet Him!

john 09/19/2018.

Because I like to laugh at people like u .

Otto 09/19/2018.

They are here to ask question and gave answers.

Doubting Like Thomas 09/19/2018.

In MY case, I am here looking for a religion which has a God or Goddess which actually exists, and actually CARES enough about what I believe, to offer testable proof that He or She or It DOES exist.

We are ENCOURAGED to pray for things like a healing from disease or injury, but that MAY be due to a combination of activity by mere human medical care providers, and the body's ability to heal some things.

We are ENCOURAGED to pray for things like a good harvest, or good weather for the day of an outdoor event, but that COULD be due to natural forces.

I have been asking ANY Believers in ANY God or Goddess to pray to their ALL-Knowing God or Goddess, and Him/Her/It to reeal to them the serial # on a piece of paper money, folded up under my stereo.

Post the number as a comment.

If it's a match, I'll join that religion.

If He/She/It/They do not ANSWER the prayers of Believers, what good are they?

If He/She/It do not KNOW All Things, are They really Gods or Goddesses?

If He/She/It/They don't CARE what I believe, there will NOT be an accurate answer.

Doesn't anybody else wonder WHY we are allowed to ask for things which MAY be due to human activity and natural forces, and yet are SCOLDED for asking for a simple and easily CHECKABLE proof of the existence any God or Goddess?

WINDMILLS 09/19/2018.

IF ( on the condition that ) Atheist do not like us "WITNESSING " to them , WHY ( provide reasons ) are they even here on the R & S section anyway ....

. so by the structure of the sentence to ask the QUESTION . Y / A is a QUESTION and ANSWER platform one ADMITS one is making an ASSUMPTION ...by the word "IF" ..

. WITNESSING ( verb )

1 ) to SEE an EVENT typically a CRIME or ACCIDENT take place

2 ) to give evidence or TESTIMONY .

.. ETYMOLOGY word TESTIMONY or TESTIFY both derived from the Latin word " testis" referring to the notion of a disinterested " THIRD PARTY " Witness

TESTIFY TESTAMENT TESTIMONY from the ROOT " tris" meaning "THREE " a DISINTERESTED or 3rd person give DIRECT information


from the Vulgate late Latin translation of the Hebrew word "eduth" attestation testimony ATTESTATION the ACT of SHOWING something is TRUE ( to be the case )

meaning one is INDEPENDENT from the other two persons and has nothing to Gain in the situation he/she is to give information about

. that system Q & A makes the PEOPLE ASKING questions the INQUISITOR and the people ANSWERING the INFORMATION or ACCOUNT provider ..

.so in this SITUATION this Question . one is expressing one wants INFORMATION from people without a god proposition ... and we are supplying it .. but at the same time want to ASSERT one can READ other peoples minds know their intent and motivation

so one would be correct that if I ASKED a question i would be seeking information about what one has DIRECTLY OBSERVED or have DIRECT EVIDENCE or KNOWLEDGE of ...

.. 99.99 % of the time i get ASSERTIONS PROPOSITIONS and PARROTING (aka HEARSAY )..

.. were waiting for the DEMONSTRATION part to begin ..

. as to it TELLS ME they want to SEE and ACCEPT the LORD thats called PROJECTION and ones SPECULATION and PRESUMPTION of INTENT ..... ...actually i am on this platform because i find culture and society interesting .. and PSYCHOLOGY of human behavior interesting .. why people do the behaviors people do .

.. like how do to explain COMMUNION to a Cannibal

without using the words BODY and BLOOD .

. and then convince them eating humans

is not an ACCEPTABLE behavior ...

what does dipping your fingers in a bowl of water ,

some man said words over

and then POKING ones own forehead abdomen and shoulders DO


Mephistopheles 09/19/2018.

This is a public question and answer site. Why are you here?

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

To whine for attention ~ it's called narcissism.

Ricardo 09/19/2018.

We are trying to bring you to a level of intelligence.

Meerkat Uno 09/19/2018.

You can "witness" if you desire just as I can ignore you if I wish. That's how it works.

Jake 09/19/2018.

A person can know with certainty there is a God by way of having true devotion to the Virgin Mary.

trevor 09/19/2018.

We are here to bring the light of truth into your dark, miserable, superstitious lives. Abandon your hate and embrace the joy of knowing you are not being watched by a celestial Kim Jong-un.

Chris 09/19/2018.

God bless

bobby 09/19/2018.

To make a nuisance of themselves.Ignore them and they'll go away to hell.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

Because you often verbally abuse them and give them even more reasons to disbelieve in God. True Christians don't act this way.

bluebellbkk 09/19/2018.

Witness away, I don't care; just don't try to have your religion made into the laws of my country.

Arimatthewdavies 09/19/2018.

Friend you are absolutely 100% correct. Atheists are people that have been harmed in childhood by their parents or by their siblings either sexually or physically and they are desperate for attention. And since nobody will give them positive attention they come here to get the negative attention. The same negative attention that they got from their parents or their sibling or other abuser when they were a child. That is what these people crave. It is a repetitive vicious cycle an illness. And one that should be treated by a professional. I truly feel sorry for these people I've been there I know what their life is all about.

** 09/19/2018.

Because the name of the forum is Religion and Spirituality NOT I wanna have some dumb@ss Christer evangelize at me.

Rolls eyes

k w 09/19/2018.

they DO SERVE a purpose, as a sign of the times for those who watch......

Pat C. A.K.A Leviticus 09/19/2018.

You could pray for us to go away.

El Nerdo Loco 09/19/2018.

Most of what I do here is answer questions directed at us or about us.

Uncle Fester 09/19/2018.

Hello troll.

It's a bit like going to the zoo. It is entertaining and educational, without any real danger. Most of the denizens are cute and toothless, some bare their teeth and pretend they can affect your future. Others crash at the bars, hoping that the humans on the other side will flinch.

Then there is the small chance I may make some contribution, or (God forbid) make somebody laugh.

kelly k 09/19/2018.

let it go

kittthedolphin 09/19/2018.

well, atheists are ineffectively trying to convert people who are theists to atheism, its that simple, thats why they are on the r&s section!

they already know exactly what they are going to say to a believer long before the believer says anything, thats why when I am talking about science with an atheist, I was holding the book written by Brian Cox and the atheist said that everything in the book was completely wrong, and that everything I understand about science is all wrong.

PS: I read books written by Brian Cox, Stephen Hawking, etc.

the very conversation was completely disjointed, and I wasn't the only one who noticed, everyone else in the class noticed this too! it was so disjointed that the atheist was told to leave the room, they were given detention and were re-educated in the science that they claimed to be advocators of.

later this said atheist said that what he was really trying to do was get me away from religion as it made him feel awkward and made him no longer feel like him. I dont talk about my religion to anyone, since the early days of becoming a catholic taught me well on how to hide it so well, that they are all forced to see me first and religion later, it really does make me feel like a gay person coming out, so I can really emphasize with them in the moment of their proverbial "coming out of the closet" and people who are atheist are still pissed because they felt betrayed and hurt, simply because I got them to get to know me as a human being instead of seeing me how they wanted to see me it has got so bad that I no longer associate with atheists, I now just hang with others of the same belief system as me!

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

They are here to provoke, attack, insult and to try to lead others astray. They serve the devil (Satan himself) but are completely unaware of what they do as they believe that Satan does not exist. I pray that they will have a change of heart this side of judgement day as they are all going to find out how wrong they are when they end up in a lost eternity with the devil himself.

The_Doc_Man 09/19/2018.

Because at some point, if we are lucky, we will get you to ask ONE question and actually try to get a good answer for you that will make you at least THINK on your own.

? 09/19/2018.

They are trying to convert us to their way of thinking because they think we believe nonsense and are wasting our lives.

Chances68 09/19/2018.

To remind you that your religion is only your opinion, and while you have a right to give voice to your opinion, no matter how ridiculous it is, we have the same right to respond to your opinion with mockery and dismissal.

Sh⛦dowfire 09/19/2018.

Here's the thing. Atheists, as well as believers in other religions, have just as valid a reason to be here as you. As much as you want to stamp your little foot and shake your privileged fist in the air, this is not a Christian echo chamber. There are websites for that, if all you want to do is engage in mental masturbation.

This isn't one of them.

Fireball 09/19/2018.

to make trouble and to blaspheme and act horrible

Cogito 09/19/2018.

This site is ABOUT religion and spirituality - it's not a Christian chat-room.

We're just as entitled as you are to comment on religions and spirituality.

And no - deep down we have absolutely NO interest in seeking or accepting some imaginary lunatic like your god.

Anne 09/19/2018.

I’m Jewish and I don’t like you “witnessing” to me either. You people don’t seem to realize that we’ve heard it over and over again and we’re not buying it.

Stonehaven 09/19/2018.

Then, don’t do it.

Allan 09/19/2018.

We are here to refute the lies and inaccuracies you lot preach about Atheists.

Jackolantern 09/19/2018.

I know we come on too strong sometimes and there are some of us that are complete buttholes with their asinine comments. I don't apologies for them because that's on them, not me! But I do respect the opinions of those who respect mine. The main thing atheist want is to be respected for their non beliefs. Theists can't seem to do that. As far as prayers go, I had rather you pray for those who need it the most. I quit praying after witnessing from documentaries and films about millions dying in concentration camps who payed for mercy from seeing their loved ones tortured and murdered knowing that they must have prayed day and night with no visible relief, only misery and death! Why should prayers for me be heard when prayers for those who's really needed help were not? I do respect you for your beliefs and will stand up for your rights to believe in them. But would you do the same for me and my beliefs? Would you? Have a nice day.

Jason 09/19/2018.


We have no right to be here. I've already contacted admin about banning us from the site entirely.

Repeat my request, IF, IF ur not trolling

Bill-M 09/19/2018.

We are here because people like you keep asking us questions or talking about us.

We are here in defense.

Jamie 09/19/2018.

We're talking about the endless proselytization in everyday life, not here.

That shouldn't be so hard to understand.

No, it's not true that 'deep down we want to believe.' No, unbelief is not the result of rebellion or ego. Those are just a few more of the endless lies Christian leaders tell.

poldi2 09/19/2018.

The main reason most atheists are on R&S is people post questions about or directed at atheists.

If you don't want us here, stop calling us here.

Religion and spirituality is NOT simply the belief in your god.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

This is not the I believe in a God daddy section...atheists are here relating on the subject of religion and spiritually. Why are you so obsessed with atheists?..sounds kinda miserable in your fairy tale world!!!

Christian sinner 09/19/2018.

They are hypocrites first. It is just the way their ideology works on their mind. If two Christians were talking about Jesus in the middle of a field, the atheist would have a hard time not trying to spoil it. I think the atheists want to win something. That is the leftist way. They try to make truth serve them, it causes them to be arrogant, aggressive, tyrannical, and intolerant. They want to be the one who brings Christianity down. It's the mentality of a sport fan. So the energy is going to be exuded whenever there is a "game" to watch.

edit: I think a part of what you speculate is true with some. But not all. In my understanding, they are of the spirit of Ishmael, they seek to destroy, to break the system, but they can not be good at organizing, they faction out too much for that, as Ishmael was said to have his descendants behave.

Genesis 16

11 The angel of the Lord also said to her:

“You are now pregnant

and you will give birth to a son.

You shall name him Ishmael,[a]

for the Lord has heard of your misery.

12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;

his hand will be against everyone

and everyone’s hand against him,

and he will live in hostility

toward[b] all his brothers.”

It's not just atheism, it is the nature of the world without God's influence. They are destined to destroy themselves and to be destroyed, because the basic guide, whether person or ideology, is antichrist.

Bill B 09/19/2018.

Penn Gillette, an atheist, would agree with you.

He said something along the lines of "If you're a Christian and you're NOT evangelizing, what's your deal? If you have this thing you value so greatly and you're not trying to get other people to see what you see, what is wrong with you?"

That said, most atheists aren't here seeking something; they are here to discuss something.

jonniebaby 09/19/2018.


Anna D 09/19/2018.

Everyday I see people wearing ugly clothes and I never stop them and try to make them dress better. Perhaps you could try minding your own phucking business instead of insisting that others share your views too.

James 09/19/2018.

I don't do twists and turns -- I'm already intelligent in my faith, and sure of what I speak. I'm here to give anyone the answer that my 31 years of knowledge about religion and faith can give them about the Bible, and my 14 years of knowledge having studied world religions and philosophies, and ancient history, and my short stint in the occult, can give them. Was a high functioning alcoholic for twenty years, and during that time, smoked marijuana also for 16 years, and did meth on and off for about 16 years (though I never searched it out -- it was always just a party upper for us, so we could drink more and stay sober longer -- it wasn't my drug of choice). And aside from the drugs and alcohol, while I was sober, had a supernatural occurance one night, that changed my life forever. So, yeah, I've got a lot to offer in counselling. I've now surrendered my life to Chrsit, and have been clean and sober for 13 years now.

Broton 09/19/2018.

Your mistake is thinking this is for witnessing

Cato 09/19/2018.

As you can see here it's dominated by heathens. Raging atheists lefties come here to harasss and attack Christians and Christianity only. No wonder (((they))) promote atheism.

The Gnome 09/19/2018.

Check and see how many of your fellow fundies are asking atheists questions here in R&S every day.

Ben 09/19/2018.

This is a discussion forum, not a fellowship forum. We atheists have just as much right to be here as anyone else. You might be more comfortable on a fellowship forum and if so I can recommend several for you. In any case, we're here to provide honest and sane answers, things that are frequently in short supply around here.

KaleyK 09/19/2018.

There is a difference between atheists and militant atheists. An atheist does not believe in God. That's the book definition of an atheist. Militant atheists believe that anyone that does believe in God is an idiot. Those are two very different things. The militant wants to argue about it and convince others of their belief that there is no God. You will also find many people claiming to be atheist that are in fact anti-Christian. What should happen is that all of you should respect each other's belief.

The Book of David 09/19/2018.

It's your time to waste. If you want to guarantee zero results, I can think of no better method than prayer.

STEPHEN 09/19/2018.

"witnessing to them"? What do you even mean?

Mo 09/19/2018.

I don't understand the word "witnessing"...only I can witness something...not through someone else, no matter how sincere you are. It makes no sense to me. I researched (degrees in Theology, Comparative Religious Studies and Philosophy of Religion) and became an atheist. I wish you joy in your faith.

Lucifer 09/19/2018.

We are on this site because all theists are liars and there is an obligation on those who tell the truth to expose those who lie. Specifically:

1. You claim your god is undeniably real and yet offer no proof. That is not witnessing, it is a lie, a deception. To witness is to relay information you have physically observed. Theists don't witness, they have never seen their god, I know it, you know it, it's a lie.

2. Everything that scientifically disagrees with your self manufactured view (fantasy) of your god, you denounce as being false or a lie regardless of how factually based or undeniable it is i.e. you lie.

The real world needs to be protected from theists.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

Back in 2007 ALL of the tests were completed, by Order, to test ALL that the Atheists had claimed as their proofs! And it is Scientists that Discovered that ALL that the Atheists had used are Fakes!

The Atheists do Not want to admit to this or anything close!

After this a Federal Law was passed that requires since Atheism has Zero Proofs - ALL of it is to be removed from ALL public schools! Since ALL of the History in the Bible has anywhere from three to over 250 proofs confirming each sentence; ALL of the history in the Bible is now Required to be taught in ALL Public schools!

They are dreaming they may con us to follow them. Shameful of them!

Sci-fighter 09/19/2018.

We're here to annoy you. It's the reason we exist and you can try and pray us away. But since God doesn't exist, it won't work.

Evan 09/19/2018.

Wow. Such hostility coming from you.

You should see someone about your anger issues.

Nous 09/19/2018.

Get real it is NOT witnessing but driving them away from God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Archer 09/19/2018.

You ask questions and are not actually 'witnessing' but seeking for after all you only have a 'belief' you know.

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