How can I write a book?

Jim 09/07/2018. 16 answers
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I want some help to write a fantasy novel, any tips?

16 Answers

Christoph 09/25/2018.

Yes, do not try to write a contrived book following guidelines of what you are told is going to sell. Shamelessly marketing that way produces a lot of mediocre pulp trash. The thing that distinguishes all GOOD writers is that they are unique, writing something entertaining to themselves. If YOU don't enjoy your book, odds are no-one else will. So write directly from your own creative imagination. Let your story flow and be sure that you enjoy it. The great writers are unlike each other, and are unique because they are doing something ORIGINAL.

d00ney 09/18/2018.

The problem with a fantasy novel is that you have to make it believable. For instance a flying horse might work. Is just giving it wings acceptable without describing the muscles that power those wings. Mind you there are things in daily life that I find imponderable like, how come hoodies manage to keep their hoods up? And why do young girls perpetually find the need to invert themselves? That apart there is ‘having something to say’. That is if you have nothing to say your story is going to be boring.

It is not required to have something new to say, but it does come down to portraying a truth. In a story you are not required to argue a truth. Things happen, people react, but you don’t yak yak.

Anyway what you do is you write it down. You complete it. You do not worry about anything else other than getting it finished. Once it is finished you will something to work with.

I take it that you are looking to get it published. You think in ideas, but a publisher thinks in money. Who is going to read this trash? Who is going to fork out for it? You have to make it easy for him by writing for a specific audience. You have to do some rewriting. Unless you are an absolute genius your first draft is likely to be crap. There are books on how to write novels and by all means use them.

To your reader your book is like a present, they want to unwrap it and get into it and it has to work for them. For this to occur you have to have a map and a timeline and what happens where and when and who says what to whom and so on. When you do this you bear in mind two things the conflict and the resolution. Stripped down that is what is called the plot.

Then there is the narration. It is one thing to have a story. It is quite another to be able to tell it. There are three things to narration, pace, description, and giving understanding - often in the form of letting the reader know what a character does not.

Today one could publish a book in three parts. This part would be the set up, where the characters and the main thrust of the story is introduced, which you sell for a pound, the second part is the main story which you sell for ten pounds, and the conclusion or resolution which you sell for a hundred pounds – heavily discounted of course, but you get the idea.

Kinza 09/18/2018.

First take best writers inspirations

Mujtaba 09/16/2018.

Make yourself expert

bluebellbkk 09/16/2018.

Clearly you need to READ a lot more first. I mean, a LOT.

Andrew 09/16/2018.

I'm not certain that this method will work for you, but every book I've ever read has been a collection of words strung into sentences, sentences strung into paragraphs, and so on and so on. And while there are many different formats and types of books, and many different processes for composing a book, that's the basic method. So while some authors write following a guideline, others by free-writing, getting sentences down is key. Say something. Have a story to tell. That's how it's done.

pianoman 09/16/2018.

Maybe it's not your time since you don't know how to write a book. Perhaps you can broaden your mind through extensive reading and perhaps taking some courses related to literature.

Anonymous 09/16/2018.

Two things which ˆ have heard. Reading widely to see what is out there. And learn to write with facility, The third thing is your best friend is the wastepaper basket. ˆt definitely goes downhill because your brain gets tired.

Marli 09/16/2018.

I have not written a fantasy book; but I have shelved a few at the library. I'd say that you need to know your story, your settings and better in fantasy and futuristic than in other genres because they are so weird. I'm sure they are fun to create, but the boundaries are not familiar. I mean, I know that if I jump off a roof, I will fall downward. In a fantasy story, a spell or a gizmo could keep my character in midair or shoot him into orbit. What does a character do when he is suspended in the air? What's his stomach feeling? How do I get him down? What if his rescuer is a gryphon / teddy bear hybrid? How does he or she do it?

Anyway, there are books about how to write fantasy. The url below has a few. See if your library owns copies or can get them from other libraries.

John 09/16/2018.

Begin at the beginning - a story is three things: Plot, character and setting. Setting includes where and when. Jimmy and Sarah solve a crime in Paris in 1880. In journalism that is the 5 W's - Who, What, Where, When and Why. Answer those first.

Starr 09/18/2018.

Just complete small drafts on your own and slowly make it longer in section, like get you beginning middle and end down so you have a guide and start flushing out the rest. I took a fiction class at a stupid private snotty school last year that few havee the misfortune of being "chosen" to go to and the professor had no talent for his craft at all. The only thing it did by happening, is force me to finish crap I hated, which in turn has made me a lot easier on my own ideas. just keep writing and just fill the spots that you aren't sure of with something and you can change it later. I'm not a big writer, but I do enjoy it. Youtube has lots of great fiction professors and writing fiction courses, don't wait for a persoon like a stupid professor, to help u, alot of the times they are narrow minded.

DIENW 09/16/2018.

write it in your head and imagination first

Sir Caustic 09/16/2018.

Yes, I have a tip. Don't. You're only 7.

MsBittner 09/16/2018.

There are two things you need to do first, before you attempt to write.

First, you do your world building. A fantasy requires that the world not be Earth. Each author's world must be unique. Patricia Wrede has a great set of world-building questions available online. If you can answer them all, that's enough detail to get started, although you'll need to add more about individual settings. [ Link ]

Second is a master plan that's detailed. Scene by scene, you need to know who is present, when and where it's set, what happens, and what results from it. In case that's not detailed enough, you also need to follow the overall plan for a plot and for a character arc--your main character needs a goal, something to make it hard to achieve, and undergo events that change them before the book is over. You'll need set up, rising action, pivotal moments in your plot, allies, setbacks, and one final push.

The planning, done right, can take a month or more. If you do it lots faster, it's pretty much guaranteed to be of poor quality and/or unoriginal.

ravenhill of sherwood 1043AD 09/16/2018.

one tip is that it has to be an ORIGINAL idea that no one has thought of before because a lot of fantasy scripts ideas have already been thought of and published.

Sandy 09/16/2018.

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