Should I buy this Nissan 350z ? (Base Model)?

andrew 09/07/2018. 8 answers
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The owner only uses this car on the weekends, thats why it has extremely low miles. There was a minor accident on the car, but he showed me the evidence of what was damaged and what was fixed. He was rear ended by another driver. I was able to bring the price down to $12,500. I'm trying to get it down to...

8 Answers

mccoyblues 09/19/2018.

Since you never told us the age of the vehicle and the actual miles there is absolutely no way to put a value estimate on this car.

But based on the information that you did provide it sounds like a car worth pursuing.

STEPHEN 09/19/2018.

Walk away. A Nissan 350Z is never in a "minor" accident.

Happy Gramps 09/19/2018.

I would wonder why the seller is trying to unload this cream puff ?? have you asked ??

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

Stop quibbling about a measly $500 bucks. If you want it, buy it. Otherwise you're just insulting the owner by trying to low-ball your offer. It's a sellers marketwhen it comes to sports cars produced in low numbers. Can you find another one anyplace near you in equal condition with 50,000 miles or less for $12,500? I did a quick search on Car Guru's and there are two available in Florida with less than 40k on the clock for about $13k with no accident history, but what would it cost you to go get one of those? A lot more than $500 I expect. Before you hand over any money, pay to take it to a Z car expert to give it a good prebuy inspection. It would be well worth the $150 it will cost if it keeps you from buying lemon. Also be sure to get a quote from your insurance company. If you are under age 25, it could be the straw that breaks the camels back, as the saying goes.

KayleenR 09/19/2018.

I smell a rat. 50 000 ks 3 owners, whats wrong with it?

mustanger 09/19/2018.

efore you buy ANY used car, especially a high performance one that has been involved in an accident, have it inspected by a trustworthy mechanic. Any cost associated with the inspection is well worth making sure you're not buying a lemon. For a car that has been in an accident pay a reliable body shop to inspect it as well. I can't speculate on the price worthiness of the car but anything in that price range I would want to be absolutely sure it was mechanically sound and properly repaired. Shoddy work can easily be disguised from non expert inspectors.

Robsteriark 09/19/2018.

“He showed me the carfax”. Stop right there. NEVER trust stuff like that unless you pay for your own report.

“Owner only uses this car on the weekends”. But maybe it’s simply been off the road being bodged back together on the cheap.

Other than that, the value depends upon whether it’s the coupe or the convertible, and upon which country you live in. Here in the UK if that price was in US dollars it would be massively overpriced.

Also when you get your own presale report it will tell you if the car has been subject to an insurance claim as a write-off. If it has then the car will be worth far less. If not written off then unless that old damage is undetectable except by an expert then it also hugely devalues the car.

Badly damaged 350z/370z models are very common and much damage can be hidden by a few bolt-on panels. Pay for a professional pre-sale vehicle inspection: you simply don’t want to risk your cash or your life on a car with that high performance level.

rick29148 09/19/2018.

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