Should I quit my job if I’m crying everyday because of it?

lafanda 09/07/2018. 24 answers
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I’m in high school and about to turn 18, I recently just got a job at Dairy Queen. Only because I was without a job for a month and took whatever I can get. But fast food was on the very bottom of my list for a reason, it’s not my kinda thing, it’s way too fast paced for me and I’m too sensitive to be yelled at...

24 Answers

LindseyS499 09/09/2018.

In fast food you have to work fast or they will yell at you to pick up the pace.

It's time to grow up and grow a back bone, also learn how to better manage your stress. You have to learn how to roll with the punches that life is going to give you. You can't run away from every tough problem or from what ever gives you too much stress.

If you have another job lined up then quit. Two weeks can fly by if you keep you're mind off of it.

nap4gbp 09/08/2018.

best to get out of retail.l while your young, use it as an experience as to why you need higher education or a trade when you get out of school . retail is a tough business and not for everyone. low pay, long hours, and hard work.

I spent my entire life doing it,, I know I was a boss making it higher pay but still had to work hard and keep after the bad workers.. not easy either.

leave now before you get too much time in.. don't forget how it was , maybe this is a wake up call

Elaine M 09/08/2018.

So ASK for training. That's your job to know HOW to do your job, and they're supposed to train you.

Having lunch with friends isn't necessary. Having a job to ground your resume with IS. Learning to adapt will help you a lot.

n2mama 09/07/2018.

If you want to quit, quit. I guarantee you that DQ will not view you as a loss, especially with your attitude. That said, you are in for a rough wake up call. Turning 18 is not going to make any difference in the types of jobs you will be able to get, because you have no education or skills that qualify for anything beyond entry level minimum wage jobs. Your anxiety levels are not normal, and if your reaction to stress is to run away and quit, you will have great difficulty in finding success in any employment. All jobs are stressful, and pretty much none have complete and total training. There is an expectation that people can learn and pick up things on their own. This does not seem to be a skill set you have developed, and if a place like DQ is too challenging for you, you are unlikely to be successful anywhere more difficult than fast food.

Anonymous 09/07/2018.

Bottom line a whiner like yourself will never find any job worthy of you. Any job comes with some stress when you are learning the ropes. Your problem is you are 18 and want to party.

ibu guru 09/07/2018.

Grow up, toughen up. Life is full of tough breaks. You don't have another job lined up. You have no education, training, skills, experience, etc. You take what you can get right now & deal with the garbage.

Considering you're still in high school, haven't graduated, and already have a spotty work history, you stay at least 6 months or until graduation. It will then pay off with more self-confidence, a reputation for hard work & reliability, and you'll get past juvenile Snowflake issues.

Judy 09/07/2018.

yes find a new yob first, and give two weeks notice.

Laurie 09/07/2018.

Yes, you should quit. But find a different job first. And you are NOT required to give 2 weeks notice.

Eva 09/07/2018.

Rather than whining about how the job is too fast-paced and you think you get yelled at about every little thing, concentrate on how to do the job at hand. If you're getting yelled at for every little thing, then you're making a lot of mistakes and not paying attention to what you're doing. You're about to enter the real world and people are not going to coddle you because you're "sensitive". Suck it up buttercup.

Kyle 09/07/2018.

it's your call. if you don't need the money, just use the time and focus on your last year of school and get good grades. maybe do some extra curricular activities or volunteer groups. use the time to start looking at colleges, what you want to study, and what you want to do with your life.

Sally 09/12/2018.


quit your job

Go to work for McDonalds

Erik 09/09/2018.

Yes, you can quit. If you're in high school, you must be living at home, so you don't really need the money right now. But remember, life is hard sometimes. It's only going to get harder from here.

bob 09/08/2018.

Honestly, wait until you feel as in you’re on the right stage of mind to make decisions. If you’re 18 you have a lot of things to think about. Life is about balance of work, friends, and everything else. Don’t make the desicion while you’re emotional because you might regret it later.

babyboomer1001 09/08/2018.

Quitting when you are happy with the job will mean that you will quit about 95 percent of jobs out of 100. You cannot go throughout life that way. 18 is the adult age in most states. You have much growing/maturing to do before then. If you are working too slowly, then you are not working to the best of your ability and ALL employers expect employees to work to the best of their abilities. Speed it up. Fast and efficient. Efficient first. Fast second.

Mamawidsom 09/08/2018.

it depends on how much you need a job, doesn't it? If you can get by without working, then quit. I would also suggest that you get some counseling if you can. No one likes to get yelled at, but every employer expects workers to do things correctly and efficiently. You are going to have to learn how to make that happen one way or the other.

xfilesfan 09/07/2018.

A better idea is to seek treatment for your anxiety. Frankly, if you cannot handle the stress of a fast food job, you will probably struggle with a lot of things in adult life.

DR + Mrs Bears face 09/07/2018.

Nobody goes thru life without stress. You will only learn to cope with stress by dealing with it. Quitting means you will never learn.

Judith 09/07/2018.

You need psychiatric help; your level of anxiety is not normal. There is medication to help with anxiety plus talk therapy is useful in finding coping skills - which you seem to lack. Also if you've quit several jobs because you can't handle them that also is not normal. And, yes, you should quit your job. If you can afford it, take a break from working and concentrate on your education and learning how to better cope with stress.

Lili 09/07/2018.

Hang in there until you can start a new job. Your history of quitting jobs doesn't bode well for your future. Stay in this job at least until you can find another. And tell a manager that you don't think you received adequate training and what you think you needed to know.

Finally, see a therapist. If you're that "sensitive" and suffering anxiety attacks, you need professional help. That is not normal behavior. You'll have to come to terms with the world of work and get your anxiety issues under control, or you'll never make it in the real world.

Alex 09/07/2018.

If you're miserable, then by all means find a new job. You'll be well served for the rest of your life if you get into the habit of finding a new job before quitting the old one (as opposed to just quitting and going unemployed).

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

You either get with the program or move on.

Marvin 09/07/2018.

Yes if you can't stand it switch to somewhere else but u seem to old to cry everyday over a job that's like a kid crying because they have to go to school.

Dylan 09/07/2018.

If you think it is making your stronger then continue, but if you think it's breaking you the money isn't worth it.

Just thick about it as training your mental toughness so you can achieve what you want in the future.

Laura 09/07/2018.

Don't just up and quit. Put in your two weeks notice.

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