Do male dogs calm down after they’re neutered?

Oreo 09/07/2018. 24 answers
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My 6 month old puppy has been acting out of control lately and he’s getting neutered this so will he calm down?

24 Answers

Blue nose 09/09/2018.

Probably but it's a bit cruel isn't it?

Ronald 7 09/09/2018.

Neutering does calm them down

Well Proven

BlueKitten 09/09/2018.

They do calm down to a certain point. But as mentioned, puppy energy is like baby energy. So it is a given characteristic of their youth and stamina.

Love my Newf 09/08/2018.

No that comes with TRAINING.

catfood 09/08/2018.

Not directly but it may help focus you on working with your dog. Enroll your dog in training classes, the sooner the better. Focus your dog's energy. If you don't, you'll wind up with an out of control dog regardless of neutering.

Vic~™ 09/08/2018.

to a degree, yes. however it might also just be his temperament. similarly to humans, how some children might be more hyperactive than others.

Elaine M 09/08/2018.

Your puppy is a PUPPY, they're high energy for at least another 9 months.

DR + Mrs Bears face 09/08/2018.

Hi yes he will be a lot more palsied.

Jojo 09/08/2018.

Neutering does NOT change the temperament of any dog.

If your pup is excitable by nature, then castration will not make him calm.

It would have helped to know the breed of your pup as some working bred pups may be a lot more hyper active than a pet or show bred pup.

Also in what way the pup is being hyper.

Also training (mental stimulation) and exercise "may" help the pup act a bit calmer.

Do not castrate your male dog until he is over a year old and if a large breed 18 months.

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Verulam 09/08/2018.

Maybe - maybe not. Castration should NEVER be used in place of training. The ONLY guarantee with castration is no ability to sire unwanted litters of puppies. Further, provided a male is properly contained, there should be NO possibility of unwanted litters. We kept entire males with entire bitches and had no unplanned litters. Our bitches were all spayed when retired however. Our males were only castrated, for medical need.

Please don't go for castration if you hope it will be a cure all because it won't. And you should wait for the growth plates to close before going for this, in any case.

We had to have a couple of our oldies castrated because of a prostate problem (not cancer) and I bitterly regretted it as they lost any 'zip' they had, grew thicker coats and tended to put on weight, unless I watched their weight carefully!

Dobiegal 09/08/2018.

probably not. neutering does little more than rendering them unable to reproduce. It does not solve house training issues stop marking behavior once established or "calm them down."

Ocimom 09/08/2018.

No but he should be neutered so he doesn't create more mutts to end up in shelters to be killed. You need to be working with your dog in training to calm him down.

GllntKnight 09/08/2018.

No, neutering does not solve lack of training/correction, or insufficient daily exercise. It only prevents procreation.

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

Sometimes they do. Mostly it doesn't make them more calm so much as lessens aggression and desire to seek out a 'girlfriend' that often accompanies the male hormones. An energetic young dog will still be an energetic young dog, even after being cut.

18 gibbs 20 09/08/2018.

Typically that happens some, yes. You still need to train him though.

Kathy 09/08/2018.

Most of them do.

vivienne 09/08/2018.

I dont know about puppies, but when we got our cat neutered at 6 months he almost never plays anymore. Just sits or sleeps

I Like Stories 09/08/2018.

No guarantee. He will be less likely to wander off looking for girl friends and will be less interested in humping things. Outside of that, he's a puppy and will still chew stuff up, jump up on people etc..

Laura 09/09/2018.

It can help, but its not a cure all.

Neutering removes the hormones responsible for certain behaviors, but it is still a learned behavior.

He is also still a puppy, and needs proper training. He needed proper training when he was smaller, but because that didn't happen he has learned bad behaviors. You will need to train him after the surgery so he knows how to act.

J C 09/08/2018.

Neutering is not a substitute for training. He will calm down with age, more exercise and proper training. Neutering does nothing but take away his ability to breed.

Kerry 09/08/2018.


E. H. Amos 09/08/2018.

NO, they DO NOT. Testicles and the hormones they produce have nothing to do with "CALMING DOWN". He is under-exercised and completely UNTRAINED => that is YOUR PROBLEM, in a nutshell. Cutting OFF his "balls" will not magically instill training, or make him any less energetic. You have to put in WORK to make him a better dog, and pet. Surgery..... does not do that.

He will simply not be able to make puppies. In time he may be less inclined to fight with other dogs or wander off (than he would, if still intact) but the sperm and hormones WILL NOT be immediately OUT of his system, so he "could" still impregnant in-heat female.

Feline Purr-fect 09/08/2018.

The only thing it really effectively stops in its tracks is the ability to produce sperm and prevent testicular cancer. It isn't a guarantee that it will do any sort of calming down. Focus on stuff like training, exercise, and mental stimulation to keep him busy .

💙ElliotTheCorgi💙 09/08/2018.

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