Is Princess Aiko close with Prince Hisahito?

Your Majesty 09/07/2018. 6 answers
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I have some Japanese friends who say that it's a common knowledge over there that the Crown Prince family is not close with Akishino's (his younger brother) family. That's why Aiko is never pictured together with Hisahito, except in the annual New Year's (staged) family photo. I also heard that the...

6 Answers

Outsider 09/10/2018.

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Baron Clownish 09/08/2018.

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Sir Prince Kenny 09/07/2018.

Princess Aiko would have been Empress in her own right, had the change to the law gone ahead but, since the birth of Prince Hisahito, her cousin, the change in the law was quietly dropped. How the IHA, allow imperial family members to behave in public and in private, is closely guarded information. Very little is leaked from the Palace but, the IHA leaks information about who is in favour and who is not. The Crown Prince's wife is looked down upon because she truly has no aristocratic background whatsoever and there was a lot of opposition to their marriage, as there was to the Empress Michiko, who was said to have been bullied mercilessly by Emperor Showa's wife, Empress Nagako and the IHA, so much so, that she had a nervous breakdown and lost her voice for seven months. I was a long term resident in Japan.

Note...not everyone is as ignorant of Japan, as the creature harrison, who is now and will forever be, beneath me.

Clo G-B. 09/07/2018.

The Japanese Imperial Family do not air their private lives out in public. They are very private and not much is known about them.

David GH UK 09/07/2018.

The Japanese Emperor should not be here after his Father supported the terrible treatment of prisoners of war and civilians in the last war.Also their invasion of China.

Members dont really know (or want to know) anything about the Japanese

Lili 09/07/2018.

The Japanese imperial family is really very private and very well-controlled by the Imperial Household Agency (not the Diet, which is the legislative body in Japan). No one here is in a position to know exactly what the relationships between the family members might be. We don't have a pipeline to either them or the IHA.