I am so depressed and tired of stupid people? Please advise?

Skye Anderson 09/07/2018. 17 answers
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I have many chronic illness issues. I already hate my life and personality and everything. I’ve posted before and want to die. But I also hate stupidity and it makes me even more depressed. I hate how stupid and moronic so many idiotic people are. I mean Jesus Christ how stupid can people be? I can’t even describe...

17 Answers

retired old sarge 09/09/2018.

You must be surrounded with more trolls then you though was n you trolling life. Only thing you can do IS MOVE ON GET NEW FRIENDS..

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

Please don't hurt yourself! But it is NOT RIGHT to call others stupid, makes you look bad. There IS help for you. Don't do anything!

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

Please stop hurting yourself, you should seek a psychiatrist asap.

Mars Mission 09/08/2018.

I can Sir,

I’m not a doctor and please see one straight

Away thanks, if it were me l would call the

Ambos, please keep going until you get

Some kind of relief thanks, lm currently

Very low on oxygen so struggle to breath

My doctors are my life line please see one, and

keep writing things down as it will get them out

of your head thanks?

Very best wishes for your future


Source:) Knitting night tonight.

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

You could cut off those people and love yourself so you don't get sick anymore.

Helen 09/08/2018.

You punch your own face...and it's others who are stupid?

ANALYST 09/08/2018.

Listen to this and open your heart.If you close it and dismiss the truth ,your heart may never open again.But if you listen with humbleness you may find a very special kind of peace.

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Anonymous 09/08/2018.

watch trump through the eyes of Stephen Colbert on CNN or John Oliver. Just YouTube the names and you can't get tired of Trump, it is more insane every day.

THE BANNIBAL ONE 09/08/2018.

Many people are moronic.

Proof is by what you see as "news" and the crazy reactions shown.

You are better than them.Show you are better by trying to help

others even in small ways.Do not waste your gift.

Alfred 09/07/2018.

please, DON'T even try to hurt yourself or take your own life- whatsoever....

love and respect yourself much more....

understand and heed the fact there has/ve to be other solutions to whatever your problem/s....

heed the fact that even a ''failed'' try- to take your life- could leave you both physically and further mentally disabled for good....

you clearly deserve much better than this...

Soulfood 09/08/2018.

That makes two of us. I dunno what to do

Rise&Stiff 09/08/2018.

welcome to the real world......................

jean 09/08/2018.

have u ever heard of a physiciatrists or a psycologists? they spend years at university learning how to deal with people who have problems. it sounds like u have very low self esteem and are probably depressed..

Andrew 09/08/2018.

Sometimes you need leave and start a new life in a different state.or better yet a different country. You probably have been living in your state for to long you definitely need a change. Some states are a lot better than others .

Janice 09/07/2018.

Listen to me. You are just going through a very depressive stage in your life. I have been there a few times myself. Such despair, no one loves me, all of it. I want you think abut one thing only. Do you know that MOST people in this world are very lonely and depressed? It is a fact more than ever today because of social media which by the way, it a waste of time. Just a bunch of people who need to be noticed. They do not count!!! At all! I hope you know that even when people are married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend they are lonely because they are not fulfilled in life. It's ok to be alone. But it's ok for you to seek friends if you choose to even if you are afraid to do so. Most people today are also afraid to make an acquaintance because of social media on the internet. So you have chronic illness issues. That's ok. Try to get it in check with a doctor and try to experience life. Get out there and just walk a few blocks and look at the sunshine and flowers...Does that sound corny? It's true! Do it! Get out and talk to people you never thought you could talk to. Or maybe just go see a movie you wanted to see by yourself. So what? You don't even know it...but most of the people in this world are very, very lonely including me. It's ok. Just don't let it get to you. Stop hurting yourself and don't worry about what people think about you. They don't even like themselves for God's sake! YOU are the only person that matters. And by the way, in the end we are alone even when we have others and even if we don't! No matter. You know what.? I'm taking myself on a journey all by myself. To my favorite place. I'm much older than you and I'm ok being alone. I like myself and even love myself. All that matters dear. I get depressed to. Shake it off and move on and experience life!

I personally think you have your whole life ahead of you! Go get it! Don't be afraid!

Phabeon Uwagbai 09/07/2018.

the person who complains how other people have problems might have the same type of problems themselves especially someone who complains how they hate the life they have and say things like they want to kill themselves i bet the people you keep saying are stupid do not have these problems so why dont you stop harming yourself and try to view life in a more positive life it is not that bad and if it really fills that bad then do something to make it better because the crap your doing now wont help

Ryan 09/07/2018.

Love self deeper.

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