What do you think of the name Mason Levi for a boy?

Lela 09/07/2018. 12 answers
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12 Answers

Catherine 09/08/2018.

It's chavy and immature

Meerkat Uno 09/08/2018.

I am not a fan of either name. Mason is too last name for me and it's a town near here. I just think of blue jeans when i see Levi.

Ranchmom1 09/08/2018.

Nice name.

Anonymous 09/07/2018.

Tacky and try-hard.

Jenny Lynne 09/07/2018.

Very nice and will age well, not some silly name for a 59 year old man.

Moya 09/07/2018.


Jackie M 09/07/2018.

Where I live in UK it is a common Jewish name.

Nor 09/07/2018.

Not fond of Mason, but Levi I like.

David Levi

Caleb Levi

audrey 09/07/2018.

Nice. Very masculine.

Anonymous 09/07/2018.

I love Levi.

If you love Mason Levi it's fine.

The parents are the only people that need to love the name.

It's not hard to say, it flows.

D50 09/07/2018.

"Mason" is an occupational surname - terrible as a first name. If Mason is a family name, move it to the middle "Levi Mason so-and-so."

ken 09/07/2018.

I'd think you live in a trailer.