What u believers gotta say about this?

Genius 09/07/2018. 19 answers
Dining Out France

If god does exist I will beat him down. Break his arms and legs. Punch him so many times. Say that's for allowing so much pain & suffering & killing millions. Cancer, starvation, rape, natrual disasters, massacres, murder, paralyzed, deaf, blind and other stuff. And say now you know the pain

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REAL 09/08/2018.

God is not a person whom you can slap.It is the great Primal energy/consciousness that is the source of everything ,manifested in billions of forms including humans and people call it GOD, ALLAH, ISWAR etc

paul c 09/08/2018.

I guess your too simple to understand that you wouldn't have a life, if he didn't give you one. So crying about how it isn't perfect, is what babies do when they aren't satisfied. Their excuse is babies can't do anything for themselves, what's your excuse ?

flowerchilde 09/07/2018.

He created everything perfect.. except for endowing thinking/choice. Blame man.

- And since he is life itself, he experiences it all. Why put himself through all this? I guess because he’s not creating robots..

- If ppl didn’t know deep down inside that he’s a God of love they would not “make fun of God” (which Jude 14 says about ‘last days’, Contemporary English Version).

k w 09/07/2018.

SURE YOU WILL.........

armouror 09/07/2018.

Only People CHOOSE to do all those things

The First Dragon 09/07/2018.

You sound like a very nice person. Too bad you aren't God, because if you were, nobody would ever suffer.

Jea 09/07/2018.

Naw you won't. He won't show. No god has ever had the guts to face me and my questions. God must be a coward, among other things.

Coach Simon 09/07/2018.

God is not some giant puppeteer in the sky! Like any father, he allows us to make our own choices and decisions - and to learn lessons from the consequences (both "positive" ands "negative"). Lessons learned at soul level over many incarnations. I sometimes think that life is rather like an iceberg - and we are scratching around on the surface of the tip!

Fireсоск 09/07/2018.

Try it:

Corvus Blackthorne 09/07/2018.

That if there was a God, he would be powerful enough to crush you for saying that, which means he does not exist.

Matt 09/08/2018.

..and you have the audacity to call your self 'genius'? You're as dumb as jea and its crew.

mark_poc 09/07/2018.

God is a perfect being - you are just showing your depravity. You should instead be very very thankful that God is as patient as He is with you. When His patience runs out eventually it ain't gonna be good and you will have absolutely no excuse for your foolish demeanor.

Special EPhex 09/07/2018.

That is the sorta thinking that got us here in the first place. Because you think of yourself as "small", you think "very little" of God. If there is a God, He would know all the pain there is, being omniscient, and all. God is 'All Knowing', by way of 'Being All' (as 'omnipresence' would suggest), therefore, He is 'The Almighty!' There isn't anyone or anything that can "challenge" or "contest" an 'Omnipotent God'; which is a hard lesson Lucifer and his band of rebel angels learned after being given "free agency" from God.

What can stand in "opposition" of 'omnipotence'? Lucifer and company accepted a fallacy that cannot hold up in the Celestial Realm, resulting in their loss of freewill, and ending up in a place where their fallacy is made an experiential reality. Adam and Eve's situation ended up much in the same way, but the outcome was not as severe for them, because they weren't as spiritually advanced as 'High Angels'. Adam and Eve believed it possible to equal, and even surpass God, by acquiring what is His. Their judgment was impaired by ego, which came to them as the "serpent in the garden".

Knowledge belongs to God, because only He can be omniscient. Humans are limited being and cannot conceive of or comprehend the 'Enormity of God', thus God cannot be inherently a man-made concept. The human mind and intellect cannot possibly 'know' all there is to know. "Knowledge only begets more knowledge", without end, hence, it is said, "the wise only know that they know nothing", as Socrates confessed. This is why humans tend to only end up with answers that only lead to evermore questions to be asked.

Adam and Eve imagined God to be "elsewhere", to justify committing "Original Sin". How is it possible to be "separate" and "apart" from an 'Omnipresent God' expressed as 'Everything', 'Everywhere' at 'All Times'? God told them that if they eat from the "tree of good and evil", that they "shall die". Mankind still suffers because we judge this as God issuing a "threat" rather than stating a 'Spiritual Fact'. "Biting into the apple/quince" was the catalyst that created the "dualistic split" between man and God, which subjected human beings to a 'mortal existence' in earthly domain.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:2, "By the judgement you pass shall be used to judge you, and by the measure you exact shall be used to measure you." Even Quantum Physics alludes to a "Holographic Universe" where what is seen is dependent on the point of view, and how we regard and frame our reality determines what is possible in it. God made the material realm expressed as "variety" and "diversity", which is suitable for the capacity to 'choose'. This world is purgatorial, allowing the potential for "positivity, negativity, and neutral" possible outcomes and available options to select from.

Out of His Unconditional Love, it is God's Will that we have 'freewill' so that we may choose Him on our own, which demonstrates that He does not rule by force. "Love that has to be forced" cannot be 'Love' at all. And on our journey of becoming ever-nearer to God, we all must be tried and tested before proving ourselves of advancing further. I do not judge atheist as wrong "morally", only 'factually'. I can understand how some people can come to atheism as a valid conclusion to place faith in, I just don't agree.

You got a lotta spirit brother, you're just "fighting" the wrong fight. The "real battle" is 'within'.

Benoni "Light" 09/07/2018.

I'll let you believe you can do that.

MAGA Carta 09/07/2018.

I'll pray for you, hun. But why are you so entitled that you expect God to answer all of our problems? That is not why he's there. He created us to serve him. Sometimes we don't understand why he does things. But he really does know what's best. I assume he allows suffering in order to turn people to him and to make them not be dependent on the material world. Giving us whatever we wanted would make us too entitled and spoiled, and I imagine allowing suffering to exist allows us to be loving and sympathetic to others. Look at how passionate you are for those who are suffering! If they weren't suffering, would you care as much about them?

Dave D 09/07/2018.

Wow. Are you actually saying that YOU are the actual Supreme Being?

Te Rex 09/07/2018.

Dream on "Genius"

You will never get close enough to God -

amd your description fits YOUR god Satan,

and not YHWH, the supreme God

Lone Cat 09/07/2018.

Yea. Well God will.... turn your water into wine. Walk on water. And feed the crowd of people. So take that.

Jason 09/07/2018.

I'm not a believer... But i still say u have anger issues, and are probably an angry theist, not an atheist. Lol

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