Alternatives for wine in chicken and carbonara?

Flowers 09/07/2018. 17 answers
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My aunt is coming over to dinner and she is an alcoholic in recovery so she can’t have alcohol. If I didn’t know that I would make her white wine and lemon chicken and carbonara. Are there any substitutes I could use that would still taste good?

17 Answers

Laurie 09/10/2018.

chicken broth or vegetable broth.

kswck2 09/09/2018.

You can use club soda or apple juice, or even chicken broth/stock. Carbonara does not require wine.

And while a good portion of alcohol will cook out of the dish, not all of it likely will. But just the taste of the wine I not a good idea for an alcoholic.

denise 09/08/2018.

Chicken stock?

The Oracle of Omigod 09/08/2018.

There will be no alcohol in the dish - it will be the first thing to evaporate.

Clive 09/08/2018.

Alcohol mostly evaporates in cooking so whatever you do, it won't be alcoholic. Wine is only used in cooking for flavour, not for alcohol. And I've never heard of carbonara with wine in it. Nor can I understand why you would put both these dishes together. Spaghetti carbonara is NOT a side dish.

But if you insist on not using wine, a suitable substitute is chicken stock (or chicken broth if you're American). There is a chicken dish I like to make where one recipe specifies wine, another specifies stock, and doing it either way is tasty.

Cammie 09/08/2018.

It would be in poor taste to give food that tastes like alcohol to a recovering alcoholic .

Rethink your menu.

Anonymous 09/07/2018.

I do not use wine to make carbonara either. Alcohol free wine is readily available, but I understand it is not as tasty as real wine- I have never tried it except for the sparkling kind that is very sweet. If you just want flavorful liquid use broth. If you want an acidic pop use a bit of vinegar or lemon juice & some grape juice if you are after a fruity component. One of my best friends is a recovering alcoholic and I just do not make recipes that use alcohol when he comes over.

It is true not 100% of the alcohol cooks out and there is no way to test for it's presence in a home kitchen. Boiling wine ruins the taste and wine is added to food for its flavor. It is not something you want to take a chance with when it comes to someone's health, so just plan to make something else or find a new recipe.

k am 09/07/2018.


Karen L 09/07/2018.

Carbonara doesn't usually call for wine. If you have somehow found a recipe that does, leave the wine out. Then it will be like the classic recipe. I just looked at 6 recipes for it. None call for wine. If the other dish is chicken with white wine and lemon, substitute chicken broth and add more of other seasoning, or use white grape juice or apple juice for a touch of sweetness. Or make one of the 50 other chicken dishes that don't use any kind of wine. Lemon and carbonara in the same course doesn't sound like a very good combo anyway.

oldprof 09/07/2018.

Not that I know of. But here's what you can do. Simmer the wine in a pan at low heat. That will drive off the alcohol without losing the taste.

Physics can come in handy, even in the kitchen.

james 09/09/2018.

There are alcohol free wines. About a dozen of them at the S&M. Wife slugs down a bottle a week of them. Taste like wine. Look like wine. No alcohol in them.

Janet 09/08/2018.

Just make regular carbonara .. there is no wine in carbonara. Eggs, pasta liquid (save some when you drain the pasta), but no wine.

Make garlic-lemon chicken or lemon-rosemary chicken instead of wine-lemon chicken.

? 09/08/2018.

By the time the food is cooked all the alcohol is gone, so the thing about her being an alcoholic is meaningless.

ckngbbbls 09/08/2018.

chicken broth works most excellently as a substitute for white wine in these cases.

Anonymous 09/07/2018.

Eather just omit the wine or use dealcoholised wine. Do not rely on your cooking to remove the alcohol from alcoholic wine, it will reduce it but not 100%. Personally, I'd simply omit the wine as dealcoholised is very sweet and may make your recipe taste of nothing but sugar.

DCM5150 09/07/2018.

Please don't listen to the people that say all the alcohol will be cooked out (or evaporate, or whatever). Sure, most cooking does not involve a lot of alcohol, but even after cooking something for an hour, about 25% of the alcohol will remain. It is very difficult to "cook off" all of the alcohol. So if there is any concerns about even the slightest alcohol consumption, do not use it in cooking.

Anonymous 09/07/2018.

Alcohol evaporates when it's used in cooking. If you want to substitute something, use chicken broth.