What type of job can you get with a early childhood education major that’s NOT A Teacher?

Lili 09/06/2018. 6 answers
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So I’ve been wondering what jobs are there besides teaching jobs can you get with a major in early childhood education because I really don’t want to be a teacher. I wanted to know if I should change my major I would like to work with newborns - 3 year olds

6 Answers

Lili 09/07/2018.

Nanny. Many have ECE degrees.

It can be a relatively cushy job, because affluent families are so anxious to find good child care. They pay well and offer goof perks and benefits.

Gypsyfish 09/07/2018.

It's called "education" because it prepares you to work in the field of education. With a degree, you'll be overqualified to work in a daycare or pre-school, but you could do that.

oldprof 09/07/2018.

Childcare center manager.

Laurie 09/07/2018.

Day care worker... that's about all.

paul 09/07/2018.

child care centers

Diana 09/07/2018.


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