How to better my husbands sperm for chance of pregnancy?

Halee 09/06/2018. 9 answers
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My husband has poor sperm motility I believe is what it is called as well as low sperm count. We have been told by a specialist at the U that we would need to do IVF to be able to have a baby because of this. Any recommendations for increasing chances of pregnancy without doing IVF?

9 Answers

No Summertime 09/17/2018.

A. Have sex

B. Have more sex

shane 09/17/2018.

Well, I know a couple who have been friends since our childhood, in our mid 20's now. They leaned a few months ago he has low fertility, and they can't conceive, so far. She is really a close friend to my younger sister, who is 23, and together, they decided to ask me to donate some fertility to the situation. My sister simply said you have to be fertile, look at you. I took that as a compliment, though I said, can I do it the old fashion way. She said no, unless you mean j/o. Anyway, You might try a friend between you, that you both know quite well, and ask for a contribution. I really don't see it something your physician needs to get involved with. Of course many people would shy away from such a personal matter, and make it a big deal. Our situation is just entering her second monthly cycle, so I'm told, and a contribution is requested at midweek, after abstaining on my part for what seems an eternity, but not really a sacrifice, though a sweet girl who shares intimate times with me, is being a good sport. Actually, she manages obtaining the contribution. Good luck, message if we can help.

Jorgina 09/15/2018.


Sperm vs. Semen

Some people use the terms sperm and semen interchangeably. But sperm cells are only one component. Semen also contains substances from the prostate and a pair of rabbit ear-shaped organs inside the pelvis called the seminal vesicles.

Sperm cells - which are made in the testicles - need lots of high-octane fuel to whip their tails. Lucky for them (and us), sperm get the fuel they need in the form of sugar fructose, which is supplied by the seminal vesicles. Fluid from the prostate contains chemicals that cause semen to liquefy once it's inside the female. Without it, sperm would be locked in place and unable to swim. Sperm cells are carried out of the male body in a fluid known as semen. Human sperm cells can survive within the female reproductive tract for more than 5 days post coitus. Semen is produced in the seminal vesicles, prostate gland and urethral glands.

Anonymous 09/06/2018.

Have sex with other men, a lot of other men.

LizB 09/06/2018.

Well there's the obvious common-sense stuff like eating right, exercising moderately, avoiding alcohol and smoking and taking a multivitamin. And there are some drugs that can be used to improve male fertility, such as Clomid and injectable hCG. But he would need to take them for *at least* 3 months to see improvement, and if there isn't improvement by 6 months then the regimen is usually stopped.

Speaking as an IVF patient myself, IVF with ICSI is a very effective means of overcoming male-factor infertility. If you have healthy, normal eggs and everything else with your reproductive system is normal, chances are good you'd achieve pregnancy on the first try. I've seen it happen so many times when MFI is the only issue. FFI is trickier because there are more factors involved, and the most challenging is when you're part of that 20% of couples (like I am) who face both MFI *and* FFI.

BTW, unless your husband has *extremely* low sperm count (like 5 mil or less), get a second opinion about IVF. Some couples really do need it, but there are some unscrupulous clinics out there that try to push patients into IVF straight out of the gate. The good clinics will try less-invasive methods first if they think there's a chance of success, and it it's what the couple wants. IVF is expensive and very demanding on the body, so if you're not sure about proceeding, get a second opinion. And maybe even a third.

Savannah 09/06/2018.

Generally speaking, if a specialist has given you the diagnosis, there's not much you can do. You can keep trying naturally, but if the sperm don't have the motility the chances are too low to get pregnant. People with excellent motility struggle to get pregnant, so it's not an easy task for anyone. I'd look into saving money for IVF. Or better yet, adoption. Its much cheaper than IVF.

Tri-Harder 09/06/2018.

And when you asked the doctor about it, he/she said...?

PoohBearPenguin 09/06/2018.

Extra long turkey baster? Just squirt the sperm directly into your uterus and hope for the best.

Diane A 09/06/2018.

That is what the fertility specialist is for--they know the odds, your history, your husband's exam results etc. They should be poised to give you tips on that. You should be able to talk to others in a fertility group too. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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