How to get my hair to be not so dry?

Mark 09/06/2018. 19 answers
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I've been trying to eat healthy, drink lots of water I'm shampooing and conditioning on the regular, and I'm even putting a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and honey in my hair once a week and my hair still feels dry.

What do I do?

19 Answers

Mark 09/20/2018.

Use some type of oil.

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

stop using the products you are using and see a doctor.

Khamora 09/20/2018.

Mayonnaise, eggs whites, or beer

layla 09/20/2018.

Try a hair mask

Solomon P 09/20/2018.

wash your hair less frequently

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

don't wash it so often-twice a week is enough or it dries out

LindseyS499 09/20/2018.

Try coconut oil (use one or the other not both that may be too much), I've heard it works really well as a deep conditioner. Wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week and use conditioner when you shampoo. You can eve use a leave in conditioner if it still feels dry.

Honey won't do much for your hair, so I would stop using that. Avoid using heat styling tools like flat irons as much as possible. If you have to use them use a heat protector before you use flat irons, curling irons or hot rollers.

If there's any split ends get them trimmed off. Having soft water in your home can also make a difference in your hair.

Coco 09/20/2018.


Omar 09/20/2018.

Don't use shampoo so often then. Shampoo strips your hair of it's natural oils so only use shampoo like once a week and see how that works.

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

I used to think my hair was too dry, when in reality it was just *extra* oily in the morning. I washed it really really well at night and conditioned it, etc., and then in the morning when I'd try to comb it, it would be stiff and untenable, really seeming like it was dry and bad, but then I realized it was getting very very oily while I SLEPT. Try giving it a light wash in the morning just before you fix your hair & see how that does.

lorn 09/22/2018.

Correct conditioner.

Leave it in don’t wash it off

Sara 09/22/2018.

Simple Solutions

1. Wash your hair less often. ...

2. Use a mild shampoo made specifically to help dry hair because it will have fewer drying detergents.

3. Use hair products that don't have alcohol because it is drying.

4. Follow the shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner.

Hope it helped..........

Roxanne Royal 09/20/2018.

If your using irons or such on your hair = stop... blow-drying should be max twice a week. Double check if have any deficiencies you might not know about. Just remember that it's okay if it keep being like that because that may just be your natural hair, like how other people would have oily hair. Look at yourself when you were a kid & your family's hair... is it also like that? If so, then it'd okay. Just keep what your doing & even try & light oil that can be used daily on the hair. Coconut oil is medium so a bit everyday.

Jace 09/20/2018.


Use cold water to wash hair, hot water drys your yair up slowly, condition more than shampoo, air or towl dry :) stay away from hair dyes aswell

steve 09/20/2018.

Shampoo makes (my) Hair, Really Dry. Don't use shapoo too much. Also, Don't stay in the sun too long, the sun can make your Hair Dry. I hate Dry Hair, my self, so that's why, I wash my hair only once a week. I wet my hair through out the day, when my hair gets dry

Sur La Mer 09/20/2018.

"I've been trying to eat healthy, drink lots of water"

First of all the hair IS DEAD.

If you're using heat and / or chemicals your hair will ALWAYS be so dry.

If your hair texture is curly to kinky it will ALWAYS be SO DRY and you can't change the texture of your hair.

No matter what hair products you're using, how much water you're drinking (even plants die from over-watering), or how much healthy foods you eat, your hair will not improve right away.

THE BEST you can do is:

1. Buy a shampoo with CONDITIONING formula: Garnier has that, and I'm sure there are other brands that can do the same work. Vo5 makes my hair greasy to normal hair like mine, so does Pantene, those you can also try.

2. Washing less often, builds the natural oil your hair needs, to get them smoother, shinier, silkier, softer. Man-made products are just temporary, until you wash them again, and at the same time washing off the natural oil your hair NEEDS. Hair products just absorb on your hair if they're dry, like a sponge.

3. If you're blow-drying your hair, more than 5 mins. and washing your hair in hot water, this is ANOTHER reason why your hair get so dry. If you need to blow-dry your hair, make sure you absorb your hair with a towel, even the back of a towel, use 2 if you have 2 and air dry some. While air-drying, wrap the ends of your hair with a towel, get dressed, do your nails, have a meal, get online, clean the bathroom, do your homework . . . then blow dry for 3-5 mins. before styling.

It will take at least 3 months to see result after you've change all that!

Laura 09/20/2018.

Stop using a shampoo with sulfates.

Shampoo less often. If your hair is not dirty, don't wash it. A day of grease won't hurt, and it can help pull off cute styles, like a messy bun or braids. Even super greasy hair helps with things like a sleek pony. You can also wear things like a headband or other accessory to help hide it. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

You should deep condition your hair, and do protein treatments. Go with just coconut oil. On the morning of a day that you are staying in, saturate your entire head with coconut oil, and clip it up. Check on it every hour or two and see if it needs more. If it feels kinda slippery, but not soaking wet, then you need more. In the evening, shampoo your hair really well. Put shampoo only on your roots, and massage the scalp. This will get rid of the oil from the roots of your hair, so it won't look greasy when you get out of the shower. Shampoo twice if you feel like you need to. Be sure to condition your ends.

You might need a protein treatment. If the coconut oil isn't helping, do a mayo mask. Take full fat mayo, put it on your ends, sit for 30 mins, the rinse out with cool water. The eggs in the mayo will help restore your hair.

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

Stop using harsh shampoos and conditioners which contain sulfates and alcohols. they are drying and they strip healthy oils which you need while causing hair to become dry, brittle, frizzy, and so on.

Shampoo only when you need to even with the gentle ones, not daily. You can condition in between shampoos btw when you shower.

Do hair masks made from mayonnaise and RAW honey (it must be raw for optimum results) once every week to two weeks. It sounds weird but it really penetrates and forces moisture into your hair. You get well over a week of results even after a shampoo.

When you do shampoo and condition, put in something like chi silk infusion while your hair is damp and before you style it. rub it in between hands and work midway to the ends of your hair while detangling.

Try to stay away from heat as its damaging and drying. If you insist on straight hair, you can use COOL air to straighten it and there are free youtube tutorials. You can also make it straight with long hair pins and wrapping your hair around your head after a shampoo and sleeping that way with a silk or satin cap. Your hair will be straight in the morning. If you want wavy/curly hair, you can achieve that too with strategic braids or rollers/curlers and satin/silk caps as you sleep. Whatever you do avoid heat as much as possible.

What you eat makes no difference. Your hair is a certain way from birth. However avoiding heat and harsh products will improve the feeling and appearance.

Tori 09/20/2018.

Do you shower every day? Try showering ever other day and maybe skipping the shampoo every other shower. And don't wash it out with hot hot water, just use warm. That helped my hair a lot especially when I dyed it - Download Hi-Res Songs

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