Do you think celebs who give to charity are generous or just being savvy?

Bored low paid internet troll 09/06/2018. 10 answers
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Nikki 09/16/2018.

The majority of famous people are not that generous or savvy. If more people donated anonymously like Cher and Rory Emerald do; the world would be such a better place.

Yang 09/13/2018.


ckngbbbls 09/13/2018.

many who grew up poor do that all the time.

♥Rachel♥ 09/06/2018.

bit of both

They may do it for the kindness but they may also do it for the publicity

There really is no way to really know

Tad Dubious 09/06/2018.

Bored, it is not just celebrities who do that for tax purposes, but celebrities are human beings, and I am sure many give from the heart.

Moya 09/06/2018.

I give to charity all the time

bluebellbkk 09/06/2018.

You don't know (how could you?) about the ones who give away thousands WITHOUT the blaze of publicity.

LizB 09/06/2018.

Does it matter? The charity gets the money either way.

Mrs. Frankenstein 09/06/2018.

A lot them give to charity because of tax write-offs and to "look good" in the public eye. The ones who START charities are the ones who tend to really care.

Hiroshi 09/13/2018.

Most of the money charities receive go to the staff of the charities. It is not being savvy but being gullible to believe that charities are so good. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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