Best beginner’s used sporty car.?

Bademus 09/06/2018. 15 answers
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Automatic transmission only. Possibly getting a supercharger if available (unless the car is already turbocharged). Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline, Audi TT, Nissan 350Z, Mustang SVT Cobra R, Corvette C5, Mitsubishi Eclipse. Looking for reliability and convenience per dollar. Your thoughts, guys?

15 Answers

Chuckles 09/19/2018.

Turbocharged and Supercharged do not go with reliable. Nor do they go together with beginner. Those cars are for people with 5+ years of driving experience. They are death traps for beginners and they will pretty well all break you in maintenance costs.

FlagMichael 09/19/2018.

Nothing specific, just the guidelines:

Cost of ownership will make all the difference in whether we love or hate any car. Reliability is always important, but don't underestimate insurance and fuel costs. Maintenance gets your attention from time to time but the fuel and insurance are an everyday fact of life.

Get an actual insurance quote on any car before you commit to buying it. Lots of online sites will do that in just a few minutes.You want the surprises to be *before* you buy the car.

Go for nimbleness over power. When I was 21 I bought a used Lotus Europa. 1450 lbs, 82 hp, the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Years later I bought a Nissan 300ZX, twice the weight, twice the power, not even half the fun.

Before buying any used car I check the make, model and year in and The first one tells me whether there is a common problem in that model and year; the second one tells me how random owners like theirs. In carsurvey 90% happy is great, 50% happy is seriously awful. The limitations of each are the relatively small number of reports.For example, the well-known clutch problems with the Subaru Impreza WRX hardly get a mention in either one.

That brings us to the last part: join an online forum for whatever car you are serious about and ask "Is this car reliable?" The experts (and some doofuses) will be there to give you the info you need.

After that it is test drive time, and if you like it *always* get a pre-purchase inspection from your mechanic before committing money. It will cost about $100 and can save you thousands. If the mechanic gives it a green light, enjoy your new ride!

Robert M 09/19/2018.

You MUST have BIG BUCKS here! I would get the AUDI TT as it can last for THIRTY YEARS adn e\wil NEVER RUST! It is made from the BEST steel and materials, but I know them BACKWARDS and FORWARDS! The VETTE is just RIDICULOUS and VERY showy they are NOT good in the WINTER at all and should be STORED! They SUCK for GAS and in BAD weather!The SKYLINE is ALSO not an everyday driver! The AUDI QUATTRO is worth it's weight in GOLD! It will SAVE on gas, and MAYBE save your LIFE! I would include a used BMW in that list as well thank you! I LOVE FORD cars but you have BIG DREAMS here! THey are usually PRICEY in the form you are looking at! HOW OLD are you?? The AUDI si by FAR the best choice! They NEVER RUST and as such any money spent is GOOD MONEY! Four WHEEL DRIVE is AWESOME! Also look at a good SUBARU! I ALSO would buy a used C280 BENZ from about 97! They are CHEAP and EASY to

retired old sarge 09/19/2018.

a Pinto, Yugo or a Datsun 280 Z is good for you to start with.

Happy Gramps 09/19/2018.

in your list, forget the skyline...........very few are ever imported and in some States, they will never pass the emissions testing

Maximo 09/19/2018.

MIATA Is Always the Answer

AlCapone 09/19/2018.

You are a dreamer. It's ok to dream but when it comes down to reality, none of these cars is suitable for a "beginner." They are expensive, impractical for inexperienced drivers, and insurance costs will kill you.

Many beginners start with something a lot less expensive, such as a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. Then, as you improve your education and income in the future, go after your dream car.

mccoyblues 09/19/2018.

The key word here is “beginner” which probably means you’re young and an inexperienced driver. Plus you put cars like the lame Eclipse next to the special edition SVT Cobra which further tells us you really are just learning about sports cars. The Supra hasn’t been available in the US for 20 years. The Skyline isn’t even import ready.

None of these cars are appropriate for a young beginner, inexperienced driver.

If I were you I’d start concentrating on actual attainable vehicles like a Civic or Sentra or a standard Mustang. Get real.

JetDoc 09/19/2018.

You can't afford ANY of these cars. If you want a TRUE sports car, (2 seat roadster) look at the Mazda Miata.

I hate muslims 09/19/2018.

My thoughts - a monkey can drive automatic car

Caleb 09/21/2018.

an eclipse? does it come with free dildos?

Ceseuron 09/19/2018.

I’m not going to bag on you for the dream, but you’re going to need to keep some things in perspective. For a 21 year old kid, nearly every car you’ve listed is going to be expensive to own. Insurance is going to be a major expense for you, especially if you have to finance. You also list a wide variety of cars but have you done any research on any of them to figure out ownership costs? It’s great to say you don’t want to compromise on principle but if you don’t have the money then you have to compromise. It took me 9 years of patience and compromise before I finally got my dream car and another two years paying off the 7 year loan because I wanted clear title on it as fast as possible. If you do end up getting the car you want, always remember a couple of important things. First, no matter what you get, someone else out there is going to be faster than you. Second, never use public roads trying to prove the first point wrong. Tickets are expensive, and tearing your car up isn’t cheap.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

All of those would be extremely expensive to insure for a teen driver. Insurance-wise, and repair-wise, a Miata is hands down the best choice with great fun factor. No, it doesn't have huge acceleration, but that's what makes it insurance friendly. You do not want a turbo-charged engine for your first car, especially not with a lot of miles on it or a large repair fund to dip into.

Windowphobe 09/19/2018.

You want reliability, but you also want a blower. This would be hilarious coming from a real person.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

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