How can I convince my father to let me buy a BMW?

Wilhelm 09/05/2018. 26 answers
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I am a 17 year old who has recently obtained a paid internship, so my parents are letting me buy my first car soon. I want to buy a BMW 3 series convertible from the mid-to-late 2000's in the $6,000-8,000 range, but my dad says that they are unreliable and that I only want one for status. He says that I should...

26 Answers

Robert M 09/19/2018.

Your DAD is TOTALLY WRONG! ANY BMW is WORTH buying as they are SAFE and ALSO cause they are CHEAP to own! BUT>>> they MUST never use VALVOLINE or other CHEAP OILS! Only LONG LIFE -01 oil may be used! They have the BEST BALANCED brake systems and AUDI is basically their BROTHER or COUSIN! At 100k miles they need AL FLUIDS CHANGED using ONLY GERMAN made fluid from ROWE or PENTOSIN! MOBIL ONE 0W-40 is ONE OKAY oil to use but I LOVE total energy oil and PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO gives a 500,000 mile WARRANTY that is UNREAL! If you BUY IT prepare for a total SLUDGE REMOVING treatment! ANY BMW is VERY SAFE even in ACCIDENTS and they have the BEST BOSCH ABS systems there is! They are COMFY< efficient and VERy safe and last for THIRTY YEARS or more! They are a GREAT investment and unlike most american cars that size can last EASILY to 500,0000 miles with NO RUSTING! They use the BEST ATE GIRLING brakes! BUT>>> all the fluids MUST be changed at 100,000 mile intervals! BMW do EXCELLENT in crash tests, but a NEW DRIVER may be better off in a USED RUSTY TAURUS CAR that is SAFE but NOT as sporty! They get 30 MPG all day long! I LIKE the 3 series CONVERTIBLES from the 80's and they are EASY to restore to LEARN about cars and their workings! They are VERY RELIABLE! NEVER use a CHEAP AUTO ZONE battery in them as it can blow up the cols! USE A GENUINE GERMAN battery or JAP battery if needed! POWER WASH the engine to keep AIR flowing over it! At 100,000 miles REPLACE the COOLING FAN SWITCH! If you see PRESTONE GREEN IN THERE< it is the WRONG stuff! BWM coolant is BLUE or PINK! IF you remove the OIL FILL CAP and see SLUDGY brown GOO< suspect the CRANK VENT system and have it CLEANED UP or REPLACED there is a FILTER there that wil WEAR OUT! There is a TRANS KIT from BLAUPARTS or 1-800-ALL-EURO that will have the RIGHT fluids and filter for the ZF tranny! ANYWAYS i have worked on DOZENS of BMW cars, and they are ALL worth buying! They have NOT bad models at all! And WILL LAST as long as you take care of them! They have NO COMPROMISE quality control! Get a FULL SUSPENSION chck as BUSHINGS on older ones MAY be worn out! They are about $35 per set per side! ANYWYAS they are QUITE CHEAP and SAFE to own and VERy reeliable! GOOD LUCK!

FlagMichael 09/19/2018.

You can't - he seems to have a pretty good idea of the costs of owning a BMW. I maintain my own cars and still would not dream of taking on the nightmare that an older BMW is.

Mr.357 09/19/2018.

Explain that J ap crap is not worth having and if that doesn't work, hold your breath until you turn blue or pass out.

chorle 09/19/2018.

first convince them to move to Europe where the parts won't be so expensive.

You could find someone who has a 12 year old BMW a kind with 4 wheels who says it is still a good car (someone not trying to sell it)

Ask your father if he doesn't think you should try this so you can learn how to fail spectacularly also tell him that you will pay the insurance.

Really ? 09/19/2018.

Sure, buy the money pit and then you can wish you had listened to your Dad.

Joe 09/19/2018.

A lot of new drivers wreck their first car during the first year of driving.

Buy one that won't break your heart when that happens.

don r 09/19/2018.

Your dad knows what he's talking about. You can't turn your dad from being wise. Test drive a Lexus.

Pearl L 09/19/2018.

you nnight not be able to, hes just trying to help you out, if you cant get one now then get one later when youre out and living on your own

AlCapone 09/19/2018.

A dad is almost always smarter than a 17 year old kid. Your dad is absolutely right on this matter. Get a "conservative" car now, go to college, get a good job, and then get a brand new BMW if that's what you still want. At only 17 years old, you are impatient, inexperienced, and can only make emotionally based decisions.

curtisports2 09/19/2018.

He's right. Things go wrong with cars that are 10+ years old, and a BMW will be more expensive to repair than a newer Honda or Toyota in the same price range. You do want it for status. I was 17 once. But I passed on what would make me look cool in favor of what was practical and kept money in my pocket, money I would need.

Outsider 09/21/2018.

Don’t convince him.

JohnO 09/21/2018.

Listen to your dad. He's right.

Nirvana Fan 09/21/2018.

A Honda or Toyota would cost less to maintain. Trust me, Japanese cars are more reliable and have lower maintenance costs than German cars.

Ceseuron 09/19/2018.

You must hate money and love expensive maintenance and repair bills because that’s what buying a BMW says about people who blow their money on one. Contrary to common knowledge, BMW does not stand for Bavarian Motor Works. It stands for Broke Man's Whip. Or Bring More Wallet. Or Burns Money Wildly. The only time it’s even remotely worth considering a BMW is if you’re looking at an M of some form, and even then the money you’d blow on one of those can buy you something much nicer for the same price that won’t set you back a mortgage payment or more if it breaks. Listen to your father and stop worrying about trying to con him into buying an overpriced status symbol. Especially since the status a BMW portrays to the rest of us driving around you isn’t going to be as glorious as you think. It usually starts with something along the lines of “more money than brains” and deteriorated rapidly from there into realms unsuitable for children under 17.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

While a BMW is reliable for the first and second owner (five years) when they get beyond that they become money pits! BMW does not have the repair parts in the support system and there just are not that many BMW's on the road for most after market supplies to give a price break for volume of sales. On top of that when a mechanic see's the BMW label they go into the "I think I just found a way to pay for a year long vacation to the Bahamas'" syndrome.

The only way to get your father to let you buy a BMW is to win the lottery and buy a brand new one!

Stop and think, here is a car that cost over 50,000 US dollars brand new and now it is only worth 8,000 dollars. If it was still as reliable as it was band new, it would not be selling for 8,000 dollars now.

DR + Mrs Bears face 09/19/2018.

Hi so yes he has a point in actual fact long ago BMW lost the reliability status it once had. listening to parents is what teh young today seem think is against them. when in actual fact it is sound advice. yes the japanese makers do produce a much better product Lexus is often a choice being the luxury car made by Toyota,

mccoyblues 09/19/2018.

Your dad is right. And since you’re still a child (not adult age yet) you can’t buy a car without your parents help.

Set your dreams aside for a few years, drive your starter Civic until you graduate from college and then go buy whatever car your adult job allows you to afford.

audrey 09/19/2018.

He's right, you know.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

First car troll strikes again.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

There is no convincing your parents. Insurance is very high for teens to begin with and a convertible is even more expensive due to the high fatality rate in the event of a rollover accident. Statistically, you are 3-5 times more likely to be involved in a serious accident than an adult driver. FACT. And, a BMW that is out of warranty is a large money pit. Just have a look at this: [ Link ] Sorry kid, but Teens aren't known for their good judgement or common sense, but try to apply some of both instead of letting your oversized ego make the decisions. .

Edna 09/19/2018.

There's something here that you might not understand. YOU can't buy a BMW, or any other car. You're only 17 and you're a minor. A minor can't take title to a motor vehicle, nor will a finance company finance a vehicle for a minor. If you have cash-in-hand, give that money to your dad, and he will buy a car for you to use. The car will have to be registered and insured in your dad's name, and his name will appear on the title as the owner. He will then allow you to drive HIS car.

An "internship" pays next to nothing. It probably won't pay you enough to afford the yearly maintenance costs, yearly registration, yearly inspection fee, and insurance for ANY car. The costs of owning a vehicle don't end at the time you buy it - that's only the BEGINNING!

Madeaaa 09/19/2018.

Are nuts? There's so many things wrong with getting a BMW at your age. One your considered a high risk driver till 25. Expect insurance payments to be through the roof. At 300 monthly. If u finance the BMW the payment regardless of the year will be sky high. If dad's paying insurance I see where he is coming from. Next thing, BMW parts are expensive. Repairs will hit your wallet hard. Its a luxury car. Add this to the other 2 reasons and u will see why it's a bad investment. Get the Honda or Toyota. Cheaper payments less expensive repairs. Think with your brain.

STEPHEN 09/19/2018.

Convince your dad to let you buy a BMW. Within a year you'll be sorry because you'll have found what the insurance and running costs are.

I'm with your dad here. A 17 year old in a convertible Beemer is just wanting to look cool.

Bertsta 09/19/2018.

BMW are expensive to fix if they go wrong. On top of that, at 17 with a low income, you will be paying all your wages as insurance premiums. You will have nothing left for beer and poon. Wait until you have your career sorted before you go to BMWs. For now you need cheap more than flashy. Mazda 3 is a stylish and decent option if you don't want the social stigma of a Toyota Corolla.

Scott 09/19/2018.

Listen to your father, he is a lot smarter than you realize.

Anonymous 09/19/2018.

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