Can I buy a car in a state that I dont live in if my right to drive is suspended in that state only?

curmudgeon55 09/04/2018. 9 answers
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I have a valid Marylnd drivers license but my right to drive in Virginia is suspended. I've been trying to figure out how that will affect my ability to buy a car there before i try.

9 Answers

curmudgeon55 09/19/2018.

Easy enough to buy with suspended license usually- unless there is a court order saying no vehicles allowed because you really messed up. title transfers, license plates usually just pay the fees. Get another person to drive it though, one with proper license. What was license suspended for? driving or other civil judgement like child support? Driving suspensions info gets to other states especially drunk or drugs. CIVIL suspensions are another matter, the other state court often have to review the order and some of child custody, back payments are not honored if a Navarro claim has been made. Occupational licensed issued in one state after civil suspension is part of issue state court and DOT authority- that what is going on in Maryland? Parking tickets claim for suspension is another by the state issue- did you not pay tickets for expired meter in ? .

Madeaaa 09/19/2018.

anyone can buy a car. BUT if your license is suspended in virginia then it is suspended everywhere. once a license is suspended no matter what state its suspended in that suspension is valid in ALL states

ANDRE L 09/19/2018.

The only way your MD license could be valid would be if your primary residence NOW was in MD.

If your license from when you lived in VA were suspended, then you have no legal right to a license from anywhere else, until the suspension in VA were ended. Moving from VA does NOT end a license suspension.

You don't need a valid license to BUY a car, but you DO need one to register it, insure it, and thus, drive it anywhere. Thus, the only way you can buy a car would require you to have it towed to someplace where you can store it until you can get a legally valid driver's license.

Scott 09/19/2018.

You do not have the right to drive, it's a privilege, which is why they can suspend it. You can't legally drive in any state, and you certainly can't obtain insurance with a suspended license.

mccoyblues 09/19/2018.

It is 100% illegal to possess drivers licenses from two different states at the same time.

So if your MD d/l is valid you can buy a car and drive a car in MD as well as any other state in the USA.

I have no idea what you mean when you say your “right to drive” in VA is suspended. Are you trying to tell us that even though you have a valid d/l from MD that the state of VA refuses to allow you to drive inside their state. I find that hard to believe and I don’t think you understand the law.

champer 09/19/2018.

You can buy the car but you won't be able to test drive it or drive it home.

Bill 09/19/2018.

Your Maryland license will be suspended eventually. In the meantime, if you buy a car in Virginia, you will have to have it towed to Maryland, or someone else has to drive it, and they have to be insured.

JetDoc 09/19/2018.

Yes, you can BUY a car. Just because your DRIVERS LICENSE is suspended does not keep you from OWNING a car. HOWEVER, if ONE state has suspended your driving privileges, it's only a matter of time before you are suspended in ALL states. The various states DO talk to each other, and a violation that is serious enough to have your license suspended WILL get you suspended in ALL states.

It's also going to be hard to get insurance on a car if your license is suspended.

Happy Ahmed 09/19/2018.

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