How do I block access to these scammers?

Al 09/04/2018. 7 answers
Computers & Internet Security

I got a phone call from some one allegedly from Microsoft telling me I have malware. I downloaded a program which gave them access to my computer. Some of my friends think this was a scammer. If indeed, it was a scammer, could they access my computer anytime they want now? How do I stop them? I forgot the name of...

7 Answers

Smokies Hiker 09/06/2018.

Now that you know you were likely scammed and there is likely a hidden program on your computer that allows this "organization" to take control of your computer and settings for their advantage, take it to a local computer repair shop and explain what you did and ask them to hopefully find the program or completely remove your Windows edition and restore your Windows OS, programs and files. It may cost you some money, but it could get even more expensive if these people get into your financial files or steal your credit card information and/or other personal identification. Let this be a lesson to never turn the control of your computer over to any stranger unless you instigate the process yourself because you have a problem. These types of scams happen all the time, so you must be careful. Just be sure you have a professional computer repair shop go over your computer to get it back under your control. And just know that Microsoft will never contact you out of the blue! And you can't "block" these types of calls, you just need to either ignore an unfamiliar number or hang up immediately.

Goranko Ilić 09/15/2018.

Don't pay attention on them!

Anonymous 09/06/2018.

Microsoft doesn't phone in those cases.

Pearl L 09/06/2018.

i wouldnt believe thenn, ive gotten calls like that too but if youre worried about it just change your password so they cant get into it

James 09/06/2018.

Microsoft does not call you - ever. It was a scammer. They took remote access to convince you something was wrong. Everything they showed you was normal. You can remove that remote access software. They only wanted to take your money. They could have deleted all your files or locked you out of your computer in exchange for extortion.

Greg 09/06/2018.

You can find new software installed by date. NOBODY legitimate is going to contact you out of the blue and want your login info or access to your computer. NOBODY. You are at serious risk. Are you as stupid as Hillary's Chief of Staff?

Charlesetta 09/06/2018.

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