I have hair on my toes and i'm a girl?

STEPHEN 09/03/2018. 33 answers
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I'm 17 and I have hair on my big toes! Am i not normal? I also can see a little bit of hair around my nipples.

33 Answers

STEPHEN 08/20/2018.

Perfectly normal. Girls actually have the same number of hairs as guys, but in most places they re finer. At 17 your hormones are at the highest levels they ll ever be, so some hairs show up.

My daughter had hairy arms at 15. She hated it. She s 24 and, hormones having calmed down a bit, there are no hairs visible.

Lisa 09/20/2018.

Good news

Solomon P 09/20/2018.

just see a dr about it

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

OK-hairy toes are cool

hair between toes not so cool

an 09/20/2018.

Totally normal!! If it really bothers you, various methods of hair removal are available, like laser, wax, shaving (which I wouldn't do), etc.

Blue nose 09/20/2018.

Don't worry

Lia 08/20/2018.

Duh everyone has hair on their toes , I’m 12 and I have some on me! Hair is all over you most microscopic, others long.

golden 08/20/2018.

You are wrong, you are a boy.

garcia 08/20/2018.

legs important ,shave well

Gary 08/20/2018.

Hair on toes is very normal. If you wish not to have hair on your toes, or around your nipples as you said in the details, you could shave or wax them

kelvin 08/20/2018.

yes your normal

Jahal 09/20/2018.

Yes, you are a mammal, like all humans. If you were a reptile, it would be weird to have hair.

Yahoo User 08/20/2018.


Yepitsme 08/20/2018.

It is very normal!

Anonymous 08/20/2018.

pull it out with tweesers

jam 08/20/2018.

too much testosterone

Rose 08/20/2018.

You have hair everywhere. Some of it isn’t very visible though. It’s perfectly normal.

Tr@Ci Henney 08/20/2018.

all very normal. just shave the toe hair when you shave your legs.

bluebellbkk 08/20/2018.

I had that too. As the hairs on your toes and around your nipples tend to be fairly sparse and quite tough, it's much easier to pluck than to shave. And a plucked hair takes MUCH longer to grow back again.

72dolphins 08/20/2018.

Shave them

? 08/20/2018.

leave it alone it

Shakil Ahmed 09/20/2018.

remuve this saving crime

luddite 09/20/2018.

You have hair - congratulations, you are human.

Alyssa 09/20/2018.

Honey I have peach fuzz on my stomach, back, face, toes, knuckles, etc. it’s completely normal and may be more intense depending on your ethnicity.

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

female body produces small amounts of testosterone which is essential for body hair growth. means your just producing testosterone which ALL females do, just shave it if you dont want it.

jazz. 09/20/2018.

well done, your human

Smelzabut 08/20/2018.

That means you have good circulation and it’s a very positive thing. Wait until you’re in your 20s and you’ll see how much more hair you grow

Kiersten Pappas 08/20/2018.


Anonymous 08/20/2018.

You're a girl hobbit.

Anonymous 08/20/2018.

I have hair too and I'm a girl. But I'm Greek and here we are very hairy

k am 08/20/2018.

Both are very normal. Just pluck or shave. No biggie!

jean 08/20/2018.

yes I have these problems

Anonymous 08/20/2018.

Big deal; most everyone does. Do feel free to shave it with a small razor like the Finishing touch. If you use a regular razor you have to be super careful of cuts and nicks.

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