Could vitamin deficienies really cause this level of exhaustion?

Anonymous 09/02/2018. 10 answers
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Since i got diagnosed with vitamin deficiences, even when my levels get back up i rarely get burst of energy and when i do is more like anxiety and palpitatins, i also have anxiety and ptsd.

Today i am exhausted and all ive done is eat, drink, take photos of two items to sell on ebay, list them. Work out finances...

10 Answers

Anonymous 09/22/2018.

Take multi-vitamins and 5htp

sparrow 09/04/2018.

If you really are vitamin deficient, it can cause a lot of problems.

And if you are deficient in iron, you could be tired and have trouble

concentrating. Most people are not vitamin deficient unless they

have intestinal problems (they can't absorb vitamins properly), and

it's usually vitamin B12 and iron they can't absorb well. Another

group of people who could be vitamin deficient are people who

don't eat properly, bordering on anorexic. If you are fighting a

virus, you could be tired all the time. Also, if you have viral

hepatits, you could feel exhausted, and have poor appetite.

? 09/04/2018.

which vitamins did you get and how high is the dosis?

Coop 366 09/04/2018.

The doctors have me on two vitamins and iron, still have not got energy levels back. Think it can be my age, 76?

Laura 09/04/2018.

If your doctor is not taking these statements seriously, you need a new doctor.

having extreme fatigue and brain fog after a short working shift is not normal.

k w 09/04/2018.

speaking for myself, taking bioplasma, following label directions for maximum dosage helped me gain muscle strength, back pain faded and overall feeling of well being improved.....

experimental truths 09/04/2018.

It isn't vitamin deficiencies.

The medical profession is too quick to blame health issues on organic causes rather than what the actual cause is. By "organic" I mean a physical cause related to the solid matter in the body.

The body is made up of around 75% water on average with the remaining 25% solid matter. This creates a 3:1 ratio of water over solid matter. The reason for this is because every function in the body depends on water, so it has to be available at all times for those functions.

Vitamins and minerals regulate (or "control") the functions of the solid matter, and this is what doctors treat - as the "vitamin deficiency" indicates. But what the medical profession doesn't take into account is that actual functions of the body are regulated by water.

Another way to explain it is, vitamins and minerals are like calories - they're fuel for the various body functions - but water provides the electrical impulses needed to burn the calories to produce the energy. It does this in a chemical reaction that happens as it passes through the cell membrane.

What's going on with you is, you don't drink enough water for this energy to be produced - you're dehydrated. Your doctor doesn't pick up on this because there's no profit in prescribing water, and so they avoid anything having to do with water for the most part. They don't promote water and don't incorporate it as part of the treatment.

If you'll start drinking a lot more water than you do you'll see that your energy levels will increase dramatically within just a few hours.

R K 09/04/2018.

yes, they can. especially if you don't have enough potassium, B-12, magnesium, sodium.

Quetzel 09/04/2018.

The best person to ask is your doctor.

EDIT: If your thyroid function tests are normal, I would suggest that you consider acupuncture.

choko_canyon 09/04/2018.

You mean "deficiencies". Unlikely that they're the cause of your exhaustion. - Download Hi-Res Songs