I found a nice iPhone case I want but it’s for a 8 not a 6. I have a iPhone 6 would the case fit my phone?

Quin 09/01/2018. 7 answers
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7 Answers

Butterfly madness 09/17/2018.

Sadly no. The newer the iPhone is the bigger it becomes.

billymac 09/17/2018.

No. Apple don't make anything to be compatible between phones....its called corporate greed

AVDADDY 09/17/2018.

Too bad you can't seem to stumble across the Apple website, or you could look up the dimensions for yourself.

TStodden 09/17/2018.

It's HIGHLY likely that it will fit. Many iPhone 8 cases will note compatibility with the iPhone 7 & 6/s, as the size difference between them are around 0.01 inches (or ~0.2 mm) between the three phones (as noted by Apple themselves when you use their Compare Tool at [ Apple.com Link ] )... placing the phones within manufacture tolerance ranges.

The iPhone 8 case may not provide a perfectly snug fit for an iPhone 6 (it may feel ever-so-slightly loose), but it's close enough that you most likely won't notice it. The only potential issue may be with the rear camera, as the placement on the iPhone 6 is a different location compared to the 7 & 8. If the camera cut-out is circular, it won't fit... If it's more rectangular, it'll be compatible.

Anonymous 09/17/2018.

No, it most likely will not fit.

Robsteriark 09/17/2018.

No. The 6 is a different size.

If it was an iPhone 7 there would be a chance as the 8 is just 2mm bigger all round.

Crim Liar 08/17/2018.

No the dimensions and placement of components is different!

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