I’m 33 and my partner is 55.... we have been dating a year and are talking of babies maybe next year..... Are we too old?

Blue Sky 08/29/2018. 17 answers
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17 Answers

Blue Sky 08/30/2018.

Your at the perfect age in my opinion, but he is way beyond it and missed the boat by at least a decade. My advice would be to not have children with this man and consider adoption instead.

pit bulls bite 08/30/2018.

you arent but as a guy i wouldnt want a kid at that age......not fair to the kid........dad could die any day

marys.momma 08/30/2018.

Let's hope your partner lives to about eighty, or buys really good life insurance.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 08/30/2018.

The 55 year old is.

Do the math, this person likely won't be alive when the child is 18, let alone out of college.

Patricia 08/30/2018.

She is. A woman of 55 almost always can not have children anymore. But nice try....unless she's a man.

history 08/30/2018.

You likely aren't. Most women don't start menopause for another decade yet, at least. Depends on the person though.

Your partner wants to start a family at 55? Well, will you be fiscally set up so that if he doesn't live a long and healthy life... you'll still be able to support the child from your union? 22 years is a very wide age spread. No one in his age bracket gets to pretend they're young, wild, and free. It'd might be nice to be wild and free though..

n2mama 08/30/2018.

If you are the woman, then you should still be able to get pregnant, although with a partner his age there is a higher risk of birth defects. if you are the man, then no, your partner is too old to be able to get pregnant at 55 or 56 years old.

Blueberry 08/30/2018.

You aren't too old for kids although your biological clock is ticking, he on the other hand is definitely too old, the kid will be five years old starting school and he will be 60.... that's like grandparent age.

What if the kid is born with disabilities ? Are you prepared to deal with raising the kid and helping your aging partner ? He is probably looking to retire in ten years or less while you still have 30 years before you can retire. Will you resent the fact that you'll be busting yourass to come home to a retired guy your dads age ? I know men in their 50's are still attractive but in another ten years the age will become really evident. Not to mention all the health problems he is going to have in a few years plus dealing with a kid.

I wouldn't ever have a kid with someone old enough to be my dad, that's just insane. Unless this guy is a millionaire, you will struggle. If you like the guy just enjoy the time with him and being a couple but don't complicate things by having a kid with a guy that's old enough to be a grandfather.

Bing Bing 08/30/2018.

You aren't. He is.

Foofa 08/30/2018.

He's a little long in the tooth to parent but still in the ballpark for having functional sperm. You still have a few years of easy fertility left (and quite a few after that if you're willing to get fertility treatment). He may tire a little easily on the baseball field with your kids but that's hardly the end of the world. The main things to ask yourselves are 1) Are you really committed to changing your lives by having kids? and 2) Do you have the financial means to make it work even if he departs this earth when the kids are still in college? From your perspective there's an up side to having children since statistically speaking you'll spend many years as a widow. Your husband is still young enough that your kids will likely be self sustaining adults by the time he passes. But ultimately only you two can make this decision.

Edna 08/31/2018.

You're not too old, but your partner probably is. He would already be at least 75 years old by the time the child was 20.

Mark 08/30/2018.

No you're in your prime child bearing age

your man's not too old either if he lives

to 85 that's 30 years he gets with his kids.

Albert 08/30/2018.

Yes, you are.

Get a dog

Anonymous 08/30/2018.

you don't say if you are male or female ... but obviously a male of both ages is still able to father a child, although the sperm quality of a 55 year will be of a far interior quality to that of a younger man and research has shown that older fathers tend to have children with more a chance of birth defects than younger ones - so something to bear in mind

If you are female - when obviously at 33 you are able to get pregnant. A 55 year old no chance.

I think the 55 year old seriously needs to ask themselves, 10 years or so off retirement, if they want a kid now.. they would be taking a child to primary school and going home via the post office to collect their old age pension..

Barb Outhere 08/30/2018.

Depends a bit on which partner is what age.

If you are the female and 33 years old there is a chance you could conceive naturally and have a healthy child (but the risks are higher for birth defects the older you are).

If you are the male and your wife is 55 there is little to no chance yoru wife would be able to conceive and carry a child to term.

Bertsta 08/30/2018.

You need to get on it as soon as possible if you want kids. The older you (both) get, the harder it will be for you to conceive. Girls around 16-18 get pregnant just thinking about sex, but in your thirties you may need 6-12 months of trying. Same with the guy. Like you he is still fully functional, but on the decline. Never under-estimate the challenges of getting pregnant when you are past your prime.

Anonymous 08/30/2018.

no. you might have some trouble getting pregnant at 33, but at 55, your husband should remain fertile for at least another 20 years.

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