For computer buffs please. I currently have Norton Antivirus on my desktop computer. Windows 7 Professional I find I also have Windows?

Verulam 08/29/2018. 5 answers
Computers & Internet Security

Defender which I get periodical notices to run a scan which I have just done. My Norton subscription is due for renewal this upcoming month but I need to know, in view of 'things are hard financially' at the moment, whether I can safely cancel the Norton renewal and rely on Windows Defender?

5 Answers

Dustin 08/30/2018.

No. Windows Defender on Windows 7 is not an Antivirus. It's just a malicious file scanner. It does not have active protection. Windows Defender on Windows 10 is an Antivirus with protection.

Instead of paying for Norton again, either upgrade to Windows 10, or use Malwarebytes Premium or Avast. Avast is free, but the free version of Malwarebytes is like Defender on Windows 7.(no active protection).

ravenhill 08/30/2018.

im no expert, but i think you can rely on it. goodluck.

Happy Gramps 08/30/2018.

I will guess that your PC has windows essentials and NOT defender, but I can be wrong............regardless, having 2 anti virus programs is not a good idea.................I suggest getting rid of the norton and keeping the FREE and good defender

Russ in NOVA 08/30/2018.

So, if you were using Windows 10 and keep it updated, I would say you are fine (though Norton is a little more comprehensive), just practice safe internet habits. Windows 7 (security essentials) also protects, but a little less so. I don't know if they fixed it, but it did not protect against WannaCry/WannaCrypt when it came out.

Jackie M 08/30/2018.

Yes you can, I had McAfee and when it run out I used Windows defender with no problem and minutes ago it came on screen that it had just completed a scan and no problems. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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