If you worked three weeks at Wendy s, informed management, and returned your uniform. Do you still get paid? Or was my time waisted?

max 08/15/2018. 16 answers
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PoohBearPenguin 08/19/2018.

You will get paid for any hours you worked, no matter how many or how few.

David 14 08/19/2018.

WASTED, and yes they will pay you.

babyboomer1001 08/19/2018.

You will be paid for the hours that you worked, less any unpaid training.

Firstname Lastname 08/19/2018.

I'm pretty sure they have to pay you for the time that you DID work. You have the right to the money you earned.

LindseyS499 08/19/2018.

You should still get paid for the hours you worked.

No time wasted. Just don't use them as a reference or put the job on your resume.

Beverly S 08/19/2018.

You still get paid. They have to pay for all hours you worked. However, if you didn't give a 2 week notice they will be giving you a bad reference in the future. They call it job abandonment.

Alexander 08/19/2018.

You get paid for every hour you worked. Be sure to thank the boss for the opportunity, sorry it didn't work out.

Judy 08/19/2018.

By law they must pay you for the hours you worked.

Mr. Smartypants 08/19/2018.

If you worked half a day and then quit, you're still entitled to be paid for that half day.

Anonymous 08/19/2018.

You get paid for the hours you worked.

H 08/19/2018.

You are entitled to the money for the hours that you did work. That should never be denied no matter what the circumstances are.

Erik 08/19/2018.

Yes. Even if you only worked for one hour, they still have to pay you for it.

majo 08/19/2018.

As long as you were clocked in and they have record that you were there and work the hours that you did you will get paid for it

DCM5150 08/19/2018.

As everyone else said, you must get paid. In fact they may be required to give you your last check with 48/72 hours depending on the state. But I think in most states it would be reasonable to wait until the next regular paycheck would be disbursed.

If you do not get paid, contact your state's labor department (they go by many different names) - I did that once after getting the run around from a former employer for a month. I got a check in less than 24 hours from the time I submitted the paperwork.

Dale 08/19/2018.

Your education was waisted, but your time was not wasted. you should get paid for work provided.

random 08/19/2018.

I think you'll get paid