I am a uk size 12-14 but i look ‘smaller’ in the body than other girls i see?

Anonymous 08/14/2018. 6 answers
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I am 5’8 and they’re usually shorter is that why? I dont really look that size

6 Answers

Anonymous 08/19/2018.

You are taller. For your height that looks nice. On someone short, that means they are overweight to be this size.

Anonymous 08/19/2018.

You just look at yourself less critically and think you are better than they are.

d 08/19/2018.

First of all, you are taller than average. Secondly, it depends how the weight is distrubuted.

bibi boh 08/19/2018.

Maybe ypu are exactly like the other girls but for some reasons you can't see that, girl i bet there is nothing wrong or weird about you, in fact i bet you are a wee gorgeous

km 08/19/2018.

youre a wimp

Help 08/19/2018.

I’m 5’0 tall and my butt is nice if don’t matter