Why in Florida are bumper height laws governed by the net shipping weight of the particular vehicle?

Carlos 08/14/2018. 4 answers
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Im reading my drivers license handbook for Florida and it says, "Bumper Height Requirements - Owners of automobiles and pickup trucks are required to have both front and rear bumpers mounted within certain height levels. Height limitations are governed by the net shipping weight of the vehicle, not the...

4 Answers

JetDoc 08/26/2018.

What they are saying is the bumper height must remain within the same limits as when the vehicle was originally manufactured. A modified vehicle (Lifted truck, etc) or a heavily loaded vehicle must retain the factory bumper height.

Happy Gramps 08/26/2018.

in basic terms, what that law is stating is "no lowered or raised vehicles".................it's meant for the safety of every driver..............if someone driving a raised p/u truck hits the rear of a Honda, the truck may go onto or over the roof of the Honda, causing more damage than a non raised truck, and so on...........other States have similar laws, but they are rarely enforced

The Football God 08/26/2018.

The reason is [and I don't know the measurements] for height control is in minor accidents the bumpers match up tp all cars in contact. Most cars [except older ones] have some sort of absorbers built into them foe protection. It's a safety issue.

daniel g 08/26/2018.

Poorly worded. It means a legal bumper is still legal if the load lowers the vehicle and mesures illegal.

Empty or 'dry' weigh is where bumpers are measured.

Net shipping weight = dry weight

Got it backwards,,more weight lowers bumper height.