Is 3 phone interviews too much?

Rain 08/14/2018. 11 answers
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It’s an entry level job doing order entry that pays $17 per hour. Not high up in the company, or managerial at all. I’ve already had a phone screening with HR, a phone interview with the manager and now they say they want to do another phone interview with another manager and if that goes well there would be an in...

11 Answers

Alex 08/14/2018.

I think it's a sign of unnecessary bureaucracy within the company. I've worked for companies like that and they are not to my liking. That being said, there is no harm in continuing with the interviewing process, so long as you're not holding your breath for this one job. Continue your job searching until you get an acceptable offer from a company that you want to work at.

Uncle Pennybags 08/15/2018.

Yeah, that is ridiculous.

Suggest instead that you schedule 1 more in-person interview with all parties that need to sign off on you being hired.

Two phone interviews should be the max.

Mamawidsom 08/15/2018.

Too much in what way? Too much for you to bother with? Too much time on their part? What? It takes what it takes. The HR call was just to verify a couple things and make sure you at least sounded like you could do the job. It is normal for more than one manager to review a job candidate. You're lucky you haven't had to go in for each interview.

Judy 08/15/2018.

It's a lot, two or three would be more usual. But do you want the job or don't you? If you do, you'll go along with it.

P 08/14/2018.

The more interviews you get the more likely they are considering you for hire. Jobs like those can require a lot of training and they are trying to make sure they get someone who takes the job seriously and will stay for a few years.

David 14 08/14/2018.

What anyone thinks is irrelevant. That's their procedure, silly though it is.

audrey 08/14/2018.

If you really want/need the job, go with it.

Maria 08/14/2018.

Yes, but that's good money and it looks like there's room for advancement. I'd go for it.

Michael 08/14/2018.

Yes, but if you want the job you really don't have much choice other than to put up with it.

Jake 08/14/2018.

Usually more interviews means they had a lot of interest and they are deciding between multiple candidates. I'd say 4 interviews is unusual but not unheard of.

JANELL 08/14/2018.