How to start your own video rental store?

Devoreal 08/14/2018. 15 answers
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Netflix put Blockbuster out of business and since there is no way to open that franchise back up. How do I go about starting my own video rental service store and succeeding?

15 Answers

Devoreal 08/19/2018.

You need $250,000 start up cash. Then you rent the storefront. Then you get a cash register. Then you buy the videos that you want to rent. Then you hang an OPEN sign in the window and wait for people to come in. When people come in you rent them the video they want. At the end of the day you put any money you make in the bank.

joel 08/22/2018.

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D J 08/19/2018.

The public does not want to go to a store to rent movies when they can download them. That's why Blockbusters went out of business.

John 08/19/2018.

And frankly it is a reflection on your own judgement that you want to pursue a dead end as a business concept. You want to start a business, begin with a plan that will work without special circumstances. Music and video are the same - what business streaming hasn't already killed is slowly dying.

Uncle Pennybags 08/19/2018.

Hop in the time machine and travel back to the 1980s.

Seriously, there is no market any longer for that.

I can rent virtually any movie ever made on Amazon. Youtube or my cable company for anywhere from 99 cents to $5.99 depending on how recent the movie is. All I have to do is just click on it and say yes. No driving to the store, choosing videos, no returns or penalties. None of that.

And even the porn angle is gone. Folks used to go to local video stores to rent porn, but now there's so much free porn on the internet, there's no point to that.

If you pursue this idea, you stand a 99% chance of failure. Choose something else.

Judy 08/19/2018.

The day of video stores has passed, If you insist on starting one, you might want to add in a line of buggy whips.

The Oracle of Omigod 08/19/2018.

Netflix and streaming services put almost all video stores out of business. People don't want to travel to pick up a DVD.

jon pike 08/19/2018.

Maybe Red Box pays stores (or bars) to put their kiosks on the property.

Risky 08/19/2018.

Go away

Cogito 08/19/2018.

You don't.

The reason they went bust is because it didn't make a profit as the years went on. You wouldn't either.

womansworld 08/19/2018.

Well I suggest you start with building a time machine to take you back to the 1980s. NO-ONE watches Videos any more and most won't have a video player

Erik 08/19/2018.

trolling on Yahoo Answers is a good start

Jay 08/19/2018.

Since people do not rent videos any more (ok some do but it was not enough to keep all of the video stores EXCEPT that one lonely Blockbuster in Business) you would have to have some specific draw to get people to come in.\


Maybe name the place 'NOSTALGIA' and focus on older - classic -videos...and have a viewing room for people to come and watch. For the cost of the rental...they get a soda, a hot dog and a chair with a headset so they can sit and chill for a couple hours.

Maybe add in a 'Cat Cafe' or a 'Puppy Room'...and serve coffee.

Basically what I am saying...people will not come in just for the video rental.

Success 08/19/2018.

First you need to convince people that it is easier, better and cheaper to drive to the video store and rent a video than it is to open up their computer and live stream the same video immediately.

After you do that, people will come beating down your door.

Go to the Fiverr site and look for a franchise business plan.

Mene mene tekel 🏊 08/19/2018.

Go to Blockbuster and do what they do. Family Stupid Video sells Porn and Pizza.